Plus Size Styles to Wear to a Picnic

The warm weather calls for afternoons in the park with friends. So while you’re filling your picnic basket with yummy snacks to share, be sure to wear an outfit that lets you comfortably (and stylishly) spend hours relaxing on that checkered blanket.

Finding a shady patch of grass in the park or even in your own backyard to set up a picnic blanket, eat snacks, and catch up with friends or family makes for an ideal warm-weather afternoon—worrying about your clothes shouldn’t get in the way of having a great time. Sitting cross-legged in a short skirt or constantly adjusting your dress can make for an uncomfortable picnic. That’s why our number-one rule for a picnic is to either wear pants, shorts, or opt for plus size maxi dresses so you feel comfortable sitting on the grass in any position.

Here are some of our favorite picnic-ready styles! From plus size stretch skinny jeans to stunning plus size floral dresses, these looks won’t disappoint. Be sure to let your Dia Stylist know if you want any for your next box.

A Maxi Dress

This navy and white floral maxi dress is a perfectly picnic-friendly style. Not only is it totally chic for spring and summer, but its length allows you to sit in any position with ease. It doesn’t matter if you choose a floral print like this beauty or a plus size striped maxi dress. The cut plays up your shape, and the long length gives the dress a carefree and breezy feel. Pair it with simple brown sandals and a straw bag, or, better yet, a picnic basket.

A Statement Top

Shopping for plus size tops doesn’t have to be difficult. Chic plus size blouses like this beauty offer endless possibilities. The smocked neckline means you can wear it off the shoulders for a subtle sliver of skin or pull it closer to the neck for wearing at work. The bold pattern is eye-catching enough for that casual picnic photo op, and when paired with your favorite plus size colored skinny jeans or shorts, it makes an ideal picnic outfit.

A Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is a must-have plus size style. This belted jumpsuit is designed with summery striped panels and is an on-trend, no-fuss choice for spring and summer picnics and parties. And did we mention it has pockets?

Pretty Florals

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking, we know. But when the flowers in the park are in full bloom, wearing a floral motif helps celebrate those blossoms. This plus size floral print dress gives you an insanely flattering silhouette with easy-to-wear, comfortable knit fabric.

Bold Bottoms

If it’s still a bit chilly to break out your best plus size women’s shorts on picnic day, you can depend on these cropped crepe pants. The wide leg and double-button waist polish your look while a dose of stretch keeps things deceptively comfy. Pair with your favorite flats and a patterned top.

Bermuda Shorts

While you’re searching for picnic-ready women’s plus size tops, don’t overlook what you’ll be wearing on your bottom half. In lieu of jeans, opt for shorts instead. Any length will do, but a knee-length pair of plus size shorts for women will offer extra coverage—if you can’t sit on the blanket, you’ll still have enough length to protect you from the grass. Add a pair of espadrille flats and a printed tee to bring your look to life.


Do any of these styles catch your eye? Pin your favorites and ask for them in your next Dia Box. Be sure to snap photos of your outfit at your next picnic or barbeque and share them on social with #MyDiaStyle!

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Tattoos Taught Me to Love the Skin I’m In

How seeing her body as a canvas jump-started our Visual Designer’s self-love journey.

Feeling totally comfortable in your skin is a journey, one that can include exploring your personal style or finding a community of like-minded people. For Dia&Co Visual Designer Nikki Bosso, her journey began with something a little different—getting tattoos. Keep reading to learn how viewing her skin as a canvas for art taught Nikki to love her body.


Written by Nikki Bosso


Growing up, I had a fairly rough relationship with my body. By that, I mean that we weren’t friends. I was famous in my family for wearing hoodies to the beach and constantly wearing oversized boys’ clothing. Exposing any part of my body that wasn’t my calves or my forearms was too much for me, and I always felt like people were staring at me when I did show more skin.

My family consists of my mother, my father, and my two sisters—one older and one younger—and they were always much smaller than I was, both in height and size. My mother was always concerned about my weight, and although it was well-intentioned, it made me feel as if my body was wrong. I was built to be muscular like my dad, and for that I was pretty proud, but even my dad had concerns because Diabetes runs in our family. This led to me hating my body because the only thing it ever did was make people concerned for me—and there’s nothing I hate more than pity. It wasn’t until I got into the family tradition of tattoos that I started to see my relationship with my body change.

My whole family has tattoos, so getting some myself was never this rebellious thing like it is for a lot of people. It was a rite of passage. It gave me a sense of belonging to my family. My first tattoo was a Celtic knot that I got with both of my sisters (my youngest sister got hers years later). I got it on my right inner wrist because that was a safe spot for me—I could show off something that I loved and shared with my family in a place I didn’t feel I needed to hide. I didn’t get any more tattoos until after college, but the effect even just having one had on me was huge.

The effect even just having one [tattoo] had on me was huge.
nikki bosso showing off tattoos on her back in front of red wall

As I continued getting tattoos in different places, I slowly started to become comfortable with the concept of my skin. My tattoos made me feel like I could look at my body and be proud of what it represented. It was a huge shift for me mentally. I have a large piece on my right upper arm that I’m really proud of and a collection of tattoos on my left forearm that wraps around. Having both of them has led me to feel more comfortable showing my arms and going strapless because I have something that, in my mind, is worth showing off and putting on display. I went from wanting to show off the art on my arms to showing off my arms themselves.

My back is a funny story because it was actually supposed to be a much larger piece, but after going to the shop to continue the tattoo, I realized how uncomfortable I felt in the shop itself (despite the fact that my tattoo artist was absolutely lovely). I chose not to finish it there and didn’t go back. That said, I hated showing off my back more than anything for a very long time, but once I had these beautiful birds on my back, there was really nothing stopping me.

Even the tattoos on my fingers and hands were major steps for me. I’ve always had short fingers that were very chubby, even at my lowest weight, and I hated them because everyone around me, including other plus-size women, had these long, elegant fingers. I’ve slowly learned to love my hands because now they’re artwork, and they represent the work I do every day.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Like anyone who goes on a self-love journey, I still have a lot of work to do. I don’t have any tattoos on my stomach because they’re incredibly painful—and I don’t feel comfortable showing off that part of myself yet. I do think that the next step I take will be my legs because I can’t keep wearing jeans during 90-degree New York City summers. Plus, I’m proud of where my legs have taken me and how strong they’ve become. Why shouldn’t I make art out of something that’s taken me so far?

Nikki Bosso

Dia&Co Visual Designer & Living Work of Art

nikki bosso in yellow sunglasses and black dress in front of red wall


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