Are you eyeing a killer dress but hesitating because you’re worried it might be too short or clingy? If you’re stuck on the fence and need an extra dose of confidence, we have one word for you: shapewear.

With the right piece of plus-size shapewear, you can smooth lines and maximize your natural curves to their fullest. Contrary to popular belief, shapewear for women doesn’t have to be tight, pinchy and uncomfortable. In fact, the best plus-size shapewear should make you forget that it’s even there. You live your life. It works its magic and creates a smooth canvas for the perfect dress.

At Dia & Co, we understand the true power of shapewear for plus-size women and how important it is to pair the right piece with the right dress. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing your shapewear.

Compression Breakdown​

Whether it’s off-the-shoulder, an A-line, a plus-size wrap dress or a ball gown, wearing it with the right shapewear will take your look—and your confidence—to the next level. And when it comes to the right shapewear, compression is a great place to start.

Plus-size compression shapewear typically comes in three levels: high, medium and low.

High-compression shorts work double duty, contouring hips and thighs—great for wearing a form-fitting dress. The high waist feature lets it double as a piece of plus-size tummy control shapewear, offering extra control where many of us need it most.

Medium and low compression options have a slightly looser fit that is better for flowing, loose dress styles like the Carnation Short Sleeve Maxi Dress. But really, any of these will work.

Wear That Mini Dress​

Depending on your outfit, you may want more or less coverage. One of the best things about longer inseams is they can help protect your thighs from chafing. It’s a win-win.

Wearing a shorter dress, like our Rosanna Halter Dress? No worries! Shapewear shorts come in a variety of lengths, so you won’t have to worry about your seamless shorts starting to peek out from under your dress and say hello.

You’ve Got Options​

Though shapewear shorts are great options, they may not work with the length and style of your dress. Fortunately, Dia & Co offers several different styles of plus-size shapewear underwear, like our Seamless Briefs or our Cooling FX High-Waisted Thong.

Both plus-size shapewear panties pair well with dresses that have high slits. Find a look that more suits your style or for a dress that shows off a little more leg, like with the Paiva Ruched Dress. These shapewear briefs and thongs are all designed with seamless edges that won’t show on even the most form-fitting dresses or skirts.

Pair your panties with a matching shapewear tank for full-body coverage and comfort under practically any type of dress.

Really, shapewear is all about you—your comfort and your style. Pick any piece of shapewear that won’t peek out from underneath your dress, and let it help you feel stunning, no matter the occasion.

Ready to try out shapewear for yourself? Grab a pair straight from our collection. Don’t forget to finally order that dress, too! We know you’ll rock it.