At Dia & Co we love partnering with businesses run by phenomenal women and our latest collaboration featuring size-inclusive pieces by DAY/WON is no different. This women’s activewear brand is the first of its kind to be fully inclusive in the U.S. offering all styles  in sizes 0 through 32. Their activewear sets are made of recycled materials and manufactured on-demand to minimize waste. DAY/WON is on a mission to change the face of plus-size activewear while supporting their customers in reaching their biggest dreams and greatest goals. And we love to see it! So we tapped founder, marathon runner and plus-size model Candice Huffine to find out how she stays motivated on this incredible mission. 

For Candice Huffine the last year has taught her to cherish the morning as a time to reset and prepare for the day. Without being a “morning person,” creating as much of a routine as possible with her busy schedule has become key, she says. It helps her “in getting the show on the road and the good vibes pumping!” Here are four ways that Candice is raising her vibrations everyday.

1. Give Yourself  A Moment

“I think it is incredibly important to give a moment to yourself, however that looks, before inevitable chaos ensues. For me I love to carve out time to snuggle with my pups, drink a cup of coffee and do an eye mask. It might be a cumulative of 10 minutes, but those are things that make me feel calm and ready. If 2020 has taught us anything, I like to think it’s that being gentle and kind to yourself is top priority, so I hope we are all working that into our routines to start the day off right. “

2. Slow Things Down

“Before 2020 my mornings were hectic, oftentimes racing to an airport or set in a city I didn’t live in. Quarantine forced me to wake up in the same place every day, slow down and reevaluate the things I needed to do to make myself feel motivated and healthy and ready for wherever a day may take me. It’s in this past year that I learned slowing down was the way forward for me—unapologetically easing in and not hopping up to join the rat race without first making sure I was happy and ready.”

If 2020 has taught us anything, I like to think it’s that being gentle and kind to yourself is top priority.

3. Connect With Family and Friends

“ [In the past year] I found myself reaching out to friends and loved ones more and listening and following up more than ever. In our fast-paced pasts it’s so easy for life to just speed by, and I found myself being the author of one too many “I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA” messages. I wanted to make right on all that I’ve been missing out on and let the people closest to me know how much I care about them, often.”

4. Treat Yourself

“COLD. BREW. If you know me well you know it’s in my hand first thing. I can’t start a day without it. “

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