On Women And Style

 A letter from our Founder and CEO on style freedom and a life well-lived. 

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Hi there,


I’ve never met a woman who didn’t impress me, teach me something or inspire me to think differently. For some amazing women, there is a world of industries, including fashion, that help them realize their true value.


For so many others, options are limited. As a plus size woman, I wanted to savor every moment life had to offer and see what I was capable of. I love traveling. I love leading a fast-growing company. I love building our community. And of course, I love fashion.


But I wasn’t always like this. I believe every person has an innate passion that can bring out the best in them, and for me, it was fashion that really helped me understand and appreciate my power.


I want Dia to be that vehicle for you, too. We believe in style freedom through a life well-lived. Use our clothes, our community and the guidance of your stylist to find your style in clothing (and in life). Then take that style to live life to the fullest.



Nadia Boujarwah, CEO and Co-founder