What I See In Her: The Roundup

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day by sharing what we’ve loved most from #WhatISeeInHer.

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Did you know that today is International Women’s Day? In preparation for the momentous occasion, we’ve been shouting out the women who inspire us with #WhatISeeInHer. We’ve celebrated community members, celebrities, relatives, and work families for how they’ve impacted our style, lives, and careers—and for just being their amazing selves. Now that March 8th has finally rolled around, we’re sharing our favorite #WhatISeeInHer posts to keep the momentum going. Keep scrolling to see how powerful it is to uplift the women around you. *Answers have been condensed and edited for clarity and length.

The Women Who Inspire

what i see in her two women plus-size burgundy top black leather skirt

“When we went shopping in Nashville, my style sister and fabulous friend @lamokelke came out with the same exact outfit. She truly is classic in her style, just like me. I love that we share this.”


what i see in her two women plus-size floral top and leopard tank

“Marcia is a renaissance woman determined to make the world a better place for women. We all have a responsibility to use our voices and take action to live our best lives.”


what i see in her two women floral top plus-size denim vest

“#WhatISeeInHer is someone who has influenced my style. @kristaaelise was my first Dia Stylist who truly ‘got’ me, and who was able to help me overcome some fashion fears and celebrate the beauty of my personal expression. Krista, you have influenced me more than you will ever know. Thanks for being you!”


what i see in her two women smiling at one another

“Today is #GalentinesDay, so I cannot think of a better candidate for #WCW than my big sister! She’s hella smart, funny, creative, insanely talented, and abundantly loving. When it feels like I have absolutely no one rooting for me, she always finds a way to let me know she’s there!”


what i see in her two women plus-size striped dress

“Today’s #WhatISeeinHer challenge is to copy a friend’s style. I am copying @literatehousewife’s style and this particular look. I love Jennifer’s style. When we met in Nashville, we became not just style sisters, but also friends.”


what i see in her group of women plus-size prints colors

“I feel so lucky to have so many amazing women in my life, both near and far. Women who inspire me, lift me when I’m down, bring me joy, and are part of my circle. I’m also thankful for the community of Seattle bloggers who have warmly welcomed me into their squad.”

(Far left)

what i see in her two women in coats smiling

“I get it from my Momma! I want to be funny like you, caring like you, organized like you, responsible like you, care-free like you, invested in people like you, and, eventually, a mom like you. You’re SO important to me. If I took the time to write it all, you’d be reading a book!”


what i see in her two women smiling

“Today’s @diaandco #WhatISeeInHer is all about moms and mine is awesome! She’s an accomplished journalist and editor, has a New York Times bestseller, and a heart for hospitality, her family, and cats. She’s amazing and I learned everything I know about having my ducks in a row from her.”



We wish you all a very happy Women’s Day! Keep spreading the love by hashtagging #WhatISeeInHer.