Q&A With Designer Betsey Johnson

First, you saw the amazing new styles from this Dia&Co-exclusive collection. Now, hear from the fashion superstar herself.

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Last week, we announced that we partnered with designer Betsey Johnson to revive some of her most iconic patterns from the archives, exclusively for the Dia Community. Keep reading to learn why Betsey decided to collaborate with us and why she believes all dress silhouettes deserve a spot in your closet. *Answers have been edited and condensed for length and clarity.


Why did you decide to partner with Dia&Co to introduce some of your most classic prints and silhouettes to the plus-size fashion community?

To me, the most important thing is that the company gets you. For me, in my work, it was a lot about fit, how it felt, how it moved. Dia&Co, that’s our meeting ground, in that they want their stuff to feel really good on their girls. That’s it. It’s all about feel.

The collection includes my favorite shapes in my five most favorite prints. I don’t know, I just think every woman should look fabulous. To me, Dia&Co gets it. They simply get it. There are all sizes. There are all hearts and souls and bodies. Dia&Co gets it—the fact that they get me is miraculous.

What was the inspiration for the collection?

The inspiration is classic. I’ve done the same stuff over and over and over for so many years. I’m like a…what? A Rolls Royce? But, basically, I stayed true to myself, and what I love, and what I do.

I just think every woman should look fabulous. To me, Dia&Co gets it. They simply get it.


You’ve done size extensions of your dresses before. Why a capsule collection dedicated solely to plus size? Is there something different about the way this line was executed?

The last time we’re talking about, they did my stuff plus in 1972-1975. From then until now, there’s been no Betsey in plus. Now there is. I love to design. I love to design for women of all sizes. Women are women—beautiful at all sizes.

You’re known for your whimsical prints and unique personal style. Why is expressing your individuality through style so important to you?

Well, I kind of feel like designing clothes has been a very artistic experience for me. I never studied fashion design, but I wanted to be an artist. I love my work.

What are some key styles or silhouettes that every woman should have in her closet?

As a child, the only silhouette was cookie-cutter. Classic. ’50s. Just keep it you. A, straight, flare, they’re all great. Make it you.


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