Get to know Dancer, Blogger & Wellness Champion, Jessie Diaz-Herrera!

“Alexa, turn it up to 10 – we’re here to dance!”

Try to keep your toes from tapping while reading this Q&A from our friend and resident cool dance mom, Jessie Diaz-Herrera, from @curveswithmoves!

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Dia: When and why did you start blogging? What do you blog about?

Jessie: So funny story, I started a blog in 2012 on Tumblr that showcased my urban New York style. It was still called Curves With Moves as that was my personal Instagram handle at the time. I was very much tomboy chic with a mix of Bronx girl sass and didn’t see much of that look being represented, let alone as a curvy girl. I did it mostly for fun and didn’t take it too seriously. I stopped for a while as Instagram became my newer blog platform. It felt more relaxed and easier to maintain. I would post most of my dance videos from classes, personal style, and my cooking (I pretty much owned the hashtag #ibeastinthekitchen from 2013 till about 2016). It wasn’t until 2016 after I gave birth that I would reinvent my social media platform. I was in a postpartum funk and feeling really crappy about my new body. I didn’t feel myself and it was my husband who actually encouraged me to start blogging again, and that’s what you see now @curveswithmoves.

Side note: My husband and I met on instagram (slid into the DMs ya’ll!) and 6 months into dating he realized he recognized me from a #tbt photo that I posted from my former Tumblr page. He said he remembers someone reposted THAT photo in 2013 and he saved it thinking “I want a girl like that someday”. He manifested me ya’ll!

Dia: What do you love most about living here in New York?

Jessie: I’m so blessed to be born and raised in New York City. I lived in almost every borough and now reside in the Bronx. NYC is just so diverse with a large dance community that it’s hard to want to live anywhere else. Even as a New Yorker, I still visit parts of the city I love and am in awe of how amazing this crazy urban island is.

Dia: How did you discover your personal style?

Jessie: I think my personal style developed from my hobbies, particularly dance, and although my style has evolved from the tomboy look, I really think that had to do with what was available to me as a plus-size dancer. I would be in sweat pants and a wide neck tee that would usually give me that 80’s shoulder reveal. Now in the last three and four years, plus-size athletic wear is more accessible so I have so many options. My go-to dance or workout style now is definitely cute leggings and sports bra to match with a loose top that I can wear or tie around my waist. My everyday looks tend to be either super bohemian or athleisure looks. If I can be cute AND comfy – I’m all in.

Dia: What is the scariest thing about being an influencer and talking so openly about your life on the internet?

Jessie: You know, I’m in such an interesting space on social media. As a plus-size person who promotes movement and exercise, I have very little trolls out there and I’m super fortunate for that. Because the fat shamers out there can’t tell me sh*t because I’m a plus-size person promoting health and they can’t argue or fat shame that. I’ve had some doubters every now and then. But I’m very much a strong proponent of the block button. I never engage with people that have nothing better to do than troll someone. Plus replying to them only feeds into their game. Deleting the comment and blocking is a win for me and no attention for them. But for the most part, my community is so friggin awesome that I feel super blessed to have a platform.

Dia: What does body-positivity mean to you?

Jessie: I’ll first tell you what it’s not. Body positivity isn’t a thing that just happens and you suddenly feel confident. It’s a process, a journey, a wild ride really. It’s discovering who you are and using your inner voice as a cheerleader instead of your worst critic. The great thing is that it’s vague enough to be interpreted for your own journey. I started to dig deeper in 2019 about what BoPo means for me and that became personal acts of love. Lightly grabbing parts of my body and saying something positive about it, treating myself to massages and buying cute outfits that showcased the things I love about my body. For this year, I plan to listen to my body more. Listen to its signals of pain, pleasure and everything in between

Dia: What is the best part of your job?

Jessie: I love teaching dance classes because for so long I felt underrepresented in the dance community. Creating my own lane has given me the freedom to express myself while fostering a safe judgment-free space for others to feel the same. 

Dia: What is your go-to karaoke song?

Jessie: Omg – I have a list because I love karaoke. But depending on the crowd it would either be Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen or This is How We Do It by Montell Jordan. 


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Jessie Diaz-Herrera

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