How Rebecca Alexander Is Moving Fashion Forward

Find out how this entrepreneur is helping women take up space and shop Rebecca Alexander’s perfectly fall #MoveFashionForward look.

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All season long, we’re showcasing women from all different industries who are using their careers and platforms to move forward the lives of the plus-size community. Next up is Rebecca Alexander. Find out why we chose Rebecca to model in our #MoveFashionForward photo shoot and how she’s helping women everywhere feel more comfortable taking up space in the world.

We all decided that the most polite thing to do about size was just to never bring it up and never talk about it.
rebecca alexander holding jacket over her shoulder in plus size leopard print top and jeans

Tired of arriving extra early to appointments just to make sure there was a comfortable place to sit, Rebecca Alexander decided to do something about it. She founded Allgo, “Yelp for plus-size people.” With this platform, Rebecca hopes to build a future where no one has to share in her past discomfort and can assess the size accessibility of venues in advance. So, we reached out to invite her to take part in our latest photo shoot as she’s a prime example of someone who’s creating a better world for women of size.

Press play on the video above for Rebecca’s story.


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