Style Journeys: Jess Hays

Through experimenting with her personal style, Jess found herself and a community who was willing to accept her for who she was with open arms.

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Often times, we find ourselves hiding who we truly are because it feels easier than trying to be accepted for all of our quirks. Jess Hays got tired of hiding her quirks and her body, and when she tried out Dia&Co’s personal styling service, she discovered that she didn’t need to hide anymore.

By receiving fun, new pieces to add to her wardrobe, Jess discovered her own unique style and grew a relationship not only with her Dia Stylist but also with the Dia Community at large. This group of plus-size women was all the support Jess needed to finally flaunt her uniqueness with pride. Watch her video to hear Jess’s story and see some of her favorite outfits to date!

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