How Virgie Tovar Is Moving Fashion Forward

Get to know one of the leaders of the fat-acceptance movement and shop Virgie Tovar’s #MoveFashionForward look.

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All season long, we’re showcasing women from all different industries who are using their careers and platforms to move forward the lives of the plus-size community. First up is Virgie Tovar. Find out why we chose Virgie to model in our #MoveFashionForward photoshoot and how she’s on a mission to help women everywhere embrace their whole selves.  

When we make plus-size fashion a priority, we say you can be exactly who you are in the body you have right now.
virgie tovar in plus size plaid jacket and red hat

When it comes to fighting weight-based discrimination and championing fat acceptance, Virgie Tovar is your girl. From pieces in some of the biggest publications to her first book, “You Have the Right to Remain Fat,” Virgie has cemented herself as one of the leading forces of moving forward the lives of plus-size women everywhere. Virgie is known for her straightforward, often frank approach to challenging society and fighting for inclusivity and representation. Her goal is clear and direct: She wants to show women of size that we’re just as worthy of showing up as our full selves in our lives, careers, and relationships as anyone else.

Press play on the video above for Virgie’s story.


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