What We See in Nadia Boujarwah

Why Dia&Co CEO and co-founder Nadia Boujarwah is one of the career mentors and fashion-tech mavens who inspire us most.

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Each week in February, we’re learning about the countless friends, style icons, mentors, and trailblazers who inspire how we dress, move up in our careers, and take risks. For us, Nadia Boujarwah, Dia&Co’s CEO and co-founder, checks off all of those boxes. When we look at Nadia, we see strength, conviction, intelligence, and the power to change plus-size fashion as we know it. Keep reading to learn more about why Nadia inspires us.


Written by Nadia Boujarwah


My superpowers are passion and resilience. In my experience, resilience is among the most important traits for entrepreneurship—and passion bolsters resilience.

My power outfit is constantly changing. In general, I love to balance statement pieces with closet staples. For example, pairing a statement blouse with simple black ankle pants and sleek heels. I find that the statement piece gives me power and confidence and my closet staples ensure that I am comfortable—it’s the perfect combo!

My dream is to transform the retail and fashion landscapes so that the shopping experience for plus-size women becomes a source of joy and inspiration, rather than frustration. All women deserve equal opportunity to express their style, and I’m determined to make that happen.

I can’t live without my rechargeable phone case. My workdays can be unpredictable, so it gives me peace of mind that I’ll be able to stay in contact with my team no matter where the day takes me.

Resilience is among the most important traits for entrepreneurship—and passion bolsters resilience.

Meet Nadia


I feel my best when I’m centered. Whenever I can, I like to start the day with a spin class and a bit of meditation—it’s amazing what a difference these practices will make on my mood for the rest of the day.

The women who’ve inspired my life the most are my mother and my grandmother. They came to the US from Cuba in 1969 with very little and rebuilt an entirely new life. They taught me the power of resilience and a strong work ethic—and certainly influenced my sense of style and love of fashion as well! Shout out to Abuela Migdania—my earliest fashion memories were admiring her 1950s inspired, chic-with-a-little-Caribbean-spunk looks.

I’m inspired when I speak with Dia&Co customers. Our community is the driving force behind everything we do at Dia&Co. Our promise is to strive to understand you better than anyone else will, and to put you first, always. For us, this means listening, using your feedback to constantly improve our product, and building an inclusive community of women where all women feel welcomed and celebrated.

I hope to inspire women to use the power of style to celebrate themselves, as they are today. Style can transform how we feel about ourselves; it can inspire those around us; it can spark self-love. Style is not a size—style is self-expression. It’s being yourself and showing off your superpowers. It’s owning who you are and how you see the world.

It’s important to find women to inspire you, look up to, and mentor you because you can’t be what you can’t see.

When women support women, we are unstoppable.

Nadia Boujarwah

Dia&Co CEO & Co-Founder


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