5 Great Style Options For Transitioning From Summer to Fall

5 Great Style Options For Transitioning From Summer to Fall

It may still be 90 degrees, but fall's just around the corner.

Kylie Totten

With the ever-changing weather that comes with the approaching autumn season, it can be hard to dress for the day.hat 50 degree morning could turn into 80 degrees by 2pm. That’s why my motto every fall is layers, so I’m sharing 5 items I love that will be perfect for the unpredictable days ahead!


There is truly no better closet staple for fall than the classic denim jacket. Endlessly wearable and durable, this jacket could easily be a fixture in your wardrobe for decades to come. Not only does it look fantastic over a cute top and some jeans, you can also toss it over a flirty dress or a pair of leggings. It’s perfect for those days that start off at a cool 50 degrees and end up at 80 degrees by 2pm. In the afternoon, simply tie it around your waist for a chic and casual look. The possibilities are endless!

The Oversized Denim Jacket

The Bodysuit

Another fantastic option for the unpredictable temperatures ahead is the bodysuit. You can wear these with jeans, shorts, a skirt, overalls, under a dress, anything! The versatility makes them excellent transitional pieces, and they’ll give your outfit a sleek and tucked-in look without any fussy seams or bunches to worry about.

The Autumn Dress

I’m in love with the color of this dress! Personally, I think mustard yellow works all year round, but especially in late summer and early fall. Reminiscent of the changing leaves, the understated brightness of the yellow makes it perfect for transitioning into darker colors. Pair it with a deep rich plum or a lovely rust for a fabulous fall look!

The Maxi

Maxis are another great option for the changing seasons. You’re fully covered, but you can still take advantage of the breeze when it gets a little too warm. Toss that oversized denim jacket over a dress or pair a skirt with a cute tucked in tee and you’ll be set for the day ahead, no matter the temperature.

The Legging

Another year-round favorite of mine, leggings truly reach their peak in early fall. They’re the perfect balance of keeping yourself warm or cool enough, depending on the day. They’re great for building a layered look with a top or tunic and a fun jacket, or you can turn a summer dress into an autumn dress by simply tossing it over a pair of leggings. You truly cannot go wrong with a good casual pair of leggings in your wardrobe, and they may even become the favorite in your closet!

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