A Hot Pink and Glittery New Year’s Eve with Callie Richards

A Hot Pink and Glittery New Year’s Eve with Callie Richards

Get inspired by what Dia & Co's resident TikTok queen, Callie of @hotpinkandglitter is wearing to ring in the new year!
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Can you believe 2021 is almost over? Well, believe it or not the time to ring in a brand new year is fast approaching. And the only thing that’s more important that what you are doing on New Year’s Eve, is what you are wearing. We sat down with our resident TikTok queen and travelista Callie Richards to find out what she was looking forward to in 2022 and most importantly, what she plans to wear on New Year’s Eve. 

What do you think it is about New Year’s Eve that makes people want to pull out all of the stops when it comes to their look?

For me the idea of a NEW year really gets everybody excited for new beginnings. There is no better time to add some sparkle, or try something new than on New Year’s! After the past couple of years especially, it really feels like we are all collectively excited to celebrate just about anything we can!


What motivates your style? Do you like to go with the trend or do you just wear what you feel?

I think both trends and mood influence what I wear, but for me, comfort is key. I made a commitment to myself several years ago to never ‘suffer’ for style, and it’s been so much more fun since then. I really love playing with trends because I think it introduces me to things I wouldn’t have maybe gone for on my own, and I end up loving them! Most days, I think I build an outfit around a ‘vibe’ I have in my mind and go from there.


Who do you look to for style inspiration?

Oh my gosh so many people and things inspire me! Designers inspire me for sure, just the pieces that they make that speak to me. I think street style has always been an inspiration to me. I live in Downtown Los Angeles, and there is some amazing street style here. I just visited NYC a couple weeks ago, and the street style there is always amazing too. Places also inspire me and my style for sure. I’ve lived in places like Paris, San Francisco and San Diego and when I think of those cities, I definitely have ‘looks’ I associate with them.

You picked some fabulous and bold New Years Eve looks, what kind of statement were you going for with these pieces?

I’m usually VERY low key for NYE, and again I love to be comfortable, but this year I’m headed to VEGAS to celebrate! So, I wanted things that were equally comfortable (like those amazing stretchy leather leggings) and glam (hello sequins!). I also adored the classic take on the timeless party dress with that red dress which I LOVE! I’m really excited to see how I can mix and match these into daytime and evening looks over New Years weekend!


What are you looking forward to in 2022?

I am so excited to hopefully get back to traveling more next year! I adore visiting new places and it’s been tough feeling like a lot of that has been off the table for a couple years, so I’m really hopeful for next year. I’m hosting some body positive women’s trips in 2022 and I’m really stoked to visit some of the places on my bucket list like Bali and Greece! Plus, the closer weekend trips that are easy to sneak in all year!


What are your top three tips to help women everywhere put together a stunning New Year’s Eve look?

1. BE COMFORTABLE! It’s really hard to celebrate if you aren’t feeling comfortable in your clothing, so make sure you look for pieces and fits that make you feel great 

2. ADD SOME SPARKLE! Even if it’s just a little jewelry or small embellishments, I really think that nothing says NEW YEARS like a little shine

3. MIX AND MATCH! I think the idea of finding the perfect ‘New Year’s Dress’ can feel daunting, and if you won’t have the occasion to wear it again, I say go for mix and match separates that you can break up and wear all year!

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