I Test-Drove The New ThirdLove Bras at Dia & Co , Here’s What I Think

I Test-Drove The New ThirdLove Bras at Dia & Co , Here’s What I Think

This will totally change your mind about wearing bras!
Find the perfect plus-size bras for women in sizes 10 and up | Dia & Co

Marlena Matute & Epahnee Tyrone

Team Dia stylist Epahnee Tyrone and blog writer Marlena Matute give us the run down on why they just can’t get enough of ThirdLove’s plus-size bras.

The 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra

“As far as plus size bras go, the t-shirt bra is one of the most versatile styles, an absolute must-have and probably the best place to start if you, like me, are new to ThirdLove.


The cups are made of ultra-thin memory foam that molds to your breast shape giving you the best fit. One thing that definitely stood out to me was the accordion-like pleats on the shoulder straps. While I’m not sure what kind of science went behind this bra-construction choice, I can honestly say that they do an amazing job of providing great support.  They don’t dig into my shoulders like other bras tend to do and they don’t slip off after you adjust them. 


I especially like that it has a tag-less label as it allows me to incorporate it into some of my edgier/revealing outfits like this fishnet crop top without having to worry about a tag throwing off the look.


 I tried this bra in my usual 40DD/E size, and I found this one to be a bit more snug than I would like. There may be some trial and error here with bra measurements in order for you to get your perfect ThirdLove fit. Though trust me when I say that once you do, it is well worth it.”

The 24/7™ Classic Uplift Plunge Bra

“A plunge bra that accentuates your natural cleavage and still manages to be comfortable enough for lounging? If I hadn’t tried this bra myself I would have thought this to be a complete myth. 


This is the first plunge bra that I’ve ever worn that also provides full coverage (yay!) with a deep v-neck neckline perfect for tops and plus size dresses with lower necklines just like my favorite crochet-trim dress. This is significant to me as plunge bras usually have more of a demi cup style which leads to spillage and also sweat (if you have a larger bust like me) as this cup style tends to push breasts together to create cleavage. This ThirdLove bra on the other hand does the opposite. I still get that separation I like, I am supported with no spillage (or the dreaded double boob situation, ugh) and I still have cleavage. 


ThirdLove carries a wide range in their cup and band sizes, including half sizes, they also take breast shape into account and provide you with information as to which bra works well for you. According to the chart on their website, I’m somewhere between bell shaped and relaxed, both of which fit well with this bra style. 

Take it from someone who has made a point to do ALL her bra shopping in person over the last 2 decades, ThirdLove has got you covered so that you find a bra that actually fits.”

The 24/7™ Perfect Coverage Bra

“This is sort of ironic for me seeing that I gave up bras a long time ago lol! I gave up on bras due to how uncomfortable they can be, or at least the ones I was purchasing. Always caving into my back or ribcage, digging into my shoulders, the major release of “the girls” after taking my bra off. I’m a bit of a hippy so I just felt like “Why not just ward off all bras unless I’m going somewhere more conservative ?”. Third Love has changed my entire outlook on bras and I’m very impressed!


This bra means a lot to me simply for the comfort, the thickness and compression of the band, and how flat the edges are for a smoother look underneath t-shirts. Another thing that Third Love has shown me is what the right size of a bra looks like when it  fits. I actually need a 38D instead of a 36C I’ve been wearing—drastic difference! It also has an attractive look, very sleek and clean cut, not unsupportive and pointy as lots of plus size bras can look. The colors are very nice flesh tones and accommodate lots of nude varieties, along with classic black as a great underwear staple.


I want one of each please!”

The 24/7™ Classic Strapless Bra

“This bra means the most to me. I remember being younger and finally being developed enough to step away from those non-padded training bras and getting into my big girl padded ones, and trying to find strapless bras that looked flattering underneath whatever I wore. Remember those tube top looking bras? The ones that sort of smoosh your boobies as if they were a strapless sports bra. Then you see the crease under your armpits/above your bust underneath your clothes? I hated those so much growing up. So, I gave up on strapless bras too, but this bra is a game changer!


The chocolatey color is what initially turned me on to it and the fit sold me even more! It’s super smooth at the top and fitted to the body, it doesn’t constantly slide down because  it’s lined with silicone which  sticks in place,  and it comes with straps, both colored and clear. It holds your breasts in place and makes them ‘sit’ just right! I’m a sucker for a good tube top/strapless anything, so of course I had to test it out on one of those options. It did not disappoint!  The fact that Third Love caters to all women with their inclusive sizing from A-I warms my heart.


If you were once considering ThirdLove bras but weren’t sure, don’t give it a THIRD….thought! You won’t regret it.”

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