What does wellness really mean? It’s the hot question on everyone’s minds as the zeitgeist panders about loosing the “Quarantine 15″—so yesterday. Is it just some diet culture buzzword, or is it a self-care necessity? One thing we know for sure is that it’s personal and it means something different to everyone. There’s no one way to practice wellness. And as long as you are building yourself up without tearing anyone else down, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. So we got curious and decided to dig a little deeper into how our community is answering this question. We tapped four amazing women who are breaking the mold to create their own definitions of wellness—they are #inspiring.

Meredith McAlister

Wellness is such a media buzzword, in your opinion, what is the true meaning of wellness?
For me “wellness” means living a life that I look forward to. It means filling my days with thoughts, nourishment and activity that celebrate my body and stimulate my mind!

Dawn Ellerbe

Do you have a go-to wellness practice that always works to spark joy and get you going? If so, what is it?
Dance! In the mornings, between meetings, in my car, taking a class. I love to dance and it’s an immediate mood booster for me. I think it’s hearing the music which can be mood boosting alone then interpreting those beats and sounds and expressing them through movement. I absolutely love it, dancing brings me joy. It’s something my mom used to love, and I remember her putting on her 45’s on the record player and dancing around the house when I was a girl. I do the same thing now, just with itunes and a wireless speaker. We need to bring back the 45’s and record players.

Reyna Cohan 

Is fashion or activewear important in your wellness practices? If so, how?
Yes! I think for most people clothes can impact how we’re feeling, and when I feel comfortable and cute I feel more ready to take on the day. As a yoga teacher, I spend a lot of time in active wear, it’s kind of like my work uniform, so it is really important for me to feel professional and put together even while wearing leggings. I have always been a huge supporter of using clothes as a practice of self-love and self-love is definitely part of my wellness.

Tiffany Croww

What do expressions of wellness look like in your day-to-day life—physical exercise, eating habits, meditation etc?
Wellness looks like recognizing what my body needs to be well. Sometimes it’s rest, sometimes it’s yoga. Most of the time it’s just breathing. Allowing myself to take the time to process whatever is going on in my life. Specific things include daily affirmation bullet journaling, meditation and or breathwork, and finding movement every day.
What would your advice be to anyone who finds themself wanting to live a more wellness focused lifestyle?
Start with the breath. And finding that worthiness within yourself. Need help? Follow me on IG or TikTok @tiffanycroww. I want you to know…You are worthy of all of the joy, love, and harmony that can come with a regular wellness mindset.

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