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What We Believe

Style Can Spark

Fashion can be fun. And clothes can be a powerful form of self-expression. But the typical shopping experience doesn't reflect that. It's time for a change.

The Emotional Effect

Only 22% of women reported feeling happy the last time they left a fitting room.

The Wrong Fit

On average, nearly 75% of the clothes a woman tries on do not fit her body.

Not Enough Sizes

America's largest retailers only offer 29% of new styles in a size 14 or above.

No Stylish Options

62% of women have trouble finding plus-sized clothes they want to wear.

“Finding your unique style is more than just putting on clothes. It's a journey that changes as you change and ultimately becomes a powerful way to show the world who you are.”

– Nadia Boujarwah,
CEO and Co-founder

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bodies first.

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