Hello there! I’m Kendall Rayburn and I’m so excited to share my 5 tips for getting active with endometriosis. I’m so excited about today’s post because not only do I get to talk about Dia & Co’s amazing activewear, but I also get to show you a few of my favorite activewear looks I’ve received and talk a bit about getting active with endometriosis!

Because I have endometriosis, a painful disorder where uterine tissue grows on the outside of the uterus instead of on the inside, being active for me looks different than it might for someone else. Anything too high impact causes me pain, and it’s taken me a while to figure out that what I need to do is stop comparing my active journey with someone else’s, because, in reality, no two people are the same. What I need won’t perfectly align with what someone else needs. Now, let’s chat about getting fit with endo!

kendall rayburn working out with endometriosis in workout clothes

Tip #1: Change the Scenery

If you’re living with a chronic illness, you probably spend a lot of time at home like I do. Sometimes being at home can get you stuck in a negative mindset, but don’t worry—it’s nothing a little fresh air can’t change.

I love putting on my activewear and heading out to the beach for a walk by the lake. We bring the kiddos and they pack a few of their toy cars so they can play in the sand while I do my laps around the beach. It’s low impact enough that it doesn’t cause me pain, and it’s a great way to hit the reset button on your body and mind for the day.

kendall rayburn working out with endometriosis

Tip #2: Do Something You Enjoy

One of my favorite ways to fit in active time is by exploring with my boys. They absolutely love being outside and love visiting all of our local playgrounds and parks. Active clothing like this simple black tee, sports bra, and boyfriend-cut joggers are perfect for the occasion. I can really move in these clothes and don’t have to worry about showing too much skin if I bend over or stretch—I’m covered, confident, and ready to explore!

We walk the trails together and talk about what we see. Having them involved and so engaged really motivates me to keep going. Because, of course, they have more stamina than me, and it’s nice when it rubs off a bit. 

Having [my kids] involved and so engaged really motivates me to keep going.

kendall rayburn working out with endometriosis

Tip #3: Take Your Time Stretching Out

One of the things I have to remind myself to be conscious of is stretching before and after working out. I love to take a good 10 minutes before being active to stretch out my body. I find that if I stretch myself out really well before and after being active, it helps prevent soreness later on. Since most of my endometriosis pain is in my stomach, lower back, and hips, I take my time getting those areas nice and warmed up.

kendall rayburn working out with endometriosis doing yoga

Tip #4: Try Yoga

Yoga is something that I’ve just recently started getting into, and man, do I wish I would’ve tried it sooner. It’s really helped me to stretch out my abdomen, strengthen muscles, and reduce my pain levels. It’s the best kind of low-impact stretching for us gals with endo, in my opinion, and I’ve really been enjoying it.

I’ve been searching for videos on the internet to follow so I can practice yoga in the comfort of my own home, and I also got a membership to a local yoga studio for the days when I’m ready for an even more intense session. Starting out, I researched yoga poses that would help me with what I needed (the Endometriosis Foundation of America has some great ones). Right now I’m in practice mode and am just learning the key poses—it’s a fun new adventure and I’ve really been enjoying expanding my knowledge during this phase.

kendall rayburn working out with endometriosis in activewear

Tip #5: Listen to Your Body

I’ll be 100% honest. Some days my body is in too much pain and I’m not able to be as active as I’d like. My tip for days like that? Listen to your body and do what you can. Even if you’re just able to do a 10-minute walk around your neighborhood, it will still help. Exercise helps to boost your endorphins and reduces stress hormones—it also helps to reduce inflammation. So that walk, even if you’re only able to do it for 10 minutes, will work wonders.

Get the picture out of your mind of you sweating in the gym, just for now. Start small and work your way up—your body will thank you. My active journey is slower than others: I take my time, I’m intentional about my movements. You know what? That’s okay! Some days I only get out to take the dogs for a walk, but it’s still helping me to build upon what I did yesterday and the day before that. So get out there and get active in your own way!

My active journey is slower than others: I take my time, I’m intentional about my movements. You know what? That’s okay!

kendall rayburn working out with endometriosis on track

Active Clothing

Now that you’ve got the motivation to pencil in some active time, how about we talk about active clothing? I have been LOVING the Dia Active Box because it allows me to have lots of comfy workout clothing that fits properly—without the hassle of trying to go in-store to shop. Shopping in-store, in my personal experience, has been really difficult. I can almost never find pieces that fit my body. But after taking the active quiz, my Dia Stylist has absolutely nailed every single box.

This leggings, sports bra, and tee combo has been my go-to for yoga. Everything has stretch, so I’m able to bend and extend. And I love the way the back of the tee and sports bra look together! Everything I’ve received from Dia&Co has been comfortable, stylish, and fit to perfection. I can’t recommend this amazing service enough!

So tell me, what are YOUR favorite ways to get active? Are you living with a chronic illness or condition that makes it difficult? Join the conversation on Facebook!