Style isn't a set
of rules. It's a way to
celebrate who you are.

Meet Nadia

I've always loved fashion, but struggled to find clothes that fit my body and worked with my personal style. I've been everything from a size 12 to a size 22 and I couldn't help but notice, no matter my size, that there was nothing for me.

So instead, I co-founded Dia&Co in 2015 as a way for women just like me to embrace their individuality. It grew out of a personal need and now, Dia&Co is a place where everyone can explore all the incredible things that style can really do.

- Nadia Boujarwah, CEO and Co-founder

Our Style Philosophy

Style is more than just
the clothes you wear

Express Yourself

Don't be shy—own who you are and say whatever you want just by wearing what you want.

Define Your Own Rules

No rule books needed—there's no right or wrong way to wear what makes you feel amazing.

Find Your Swagger

It's all about having the right attitude and positive energy that people can't help but notice.

Have Some Fun

Coloring outside the lines applies to fashion, too. Be bold, take risks and see where it takes you.

Stylists who get you

Dia Stylists know that you express yourself through style. Whether you're just starting to explore fashion or want to upgrade your tried-and-true look, we get where you're coming from and are here to listen.

What We Believe

Shopping for clothes should be fun and easy, no matter what your shape or size.

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