How It Works

Take a quiz to help us learn your body shape and style preferences, and we'll pair you with a stylist who knows your perfect fit


Take the Quiz

Help us build your style profile by answering a few questions about your fit and style preferences

Take the Style Quiz

Get a Dedicated Stylist

A styling expert for your body shape will review your profile and send you a personalized style box for just $20.


Keep What You Love

And send back the rest free of charge. We'll credit the $20 styling fee toward anything you keep!


How much does personal styling cost?

We charge a small $20 fee for our expert personal stylists to curate looks for your style box.

How much do clothes in a style box cost?

It depends on you! Your stylist will send you clothes based on the budget preferences you set in the style quiz.

What is a style box?

Style boxes contain the 5 hand-picked items your personal stylist will send you to try on at home.

Do I have to pay for clothes I don't want?

No way! That said, if you keep at least one item from your style box the $20 personal styling fee gets credited back. Keep all 5 items and get 25% off your total order!

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The Perks

Get a Dedicated Stylist

We'll pair you with a styling expert in your body shape

Ditch the Dressing Room

Get 5 items in your style box to try on in the comfort of your home

Discover Your Perfect Fit

Get access to exclusive brands that design styles meant to fit

Save When You Buy Everything

Get 25% off when you keep all 5 items