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Woman modeling skinny jeans
When you try on things at home it's a game-changer.
From pairing new items with what you own, to loving something unexpected, you might realize you always needed a jumpsuit.
Let our stylists know what you think, so your next box is perfect. It's like having a dressing room attendant on standby—without the dressing room
Dedicated stylists alongside you every step of the way.
Here's an inside look at how Ashley, Lead Stylist, styles a box for customer, Megan.
Dia&Co stylist, Ashley, selects clothing
"I love sending new customers our
core pieces to get her started."
"There's always one or two pieces that
might push a customer out of her
comfort zone...
Selected outfit draped over chair
Megan, Dia&Co model, wearing selected outfit
...Usually, it's a winner!"
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Ready to Start Your Style Journey?
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Every piece passes our high standards of quality and design that make them forever favorites.
(With your first Style Box, you'll see what we mean.)
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