White is classic, sure. But don’t limit yourself.

Congrats on your engagement and finding the right partner for you! We couldn’t be more excited to help you celebrate. There are so many milestones in planning your wedding, like finding the right plus size wedding guest dresses for your bridesmaids, that we wanted to make this first step easy—welcome to Engagement Party Style, a primer. 

When it comes to engagement parties, there’s good news: of all the pre-wedding events, this has the least traditional guidelines—you can literally do and wear whatever you want (and we think you should). Typically, an engagement party is simply meant to bring together parents and friends of the couple to celebrate your engagement! Friends, family or the couple typically host.

Since there are no rules for the engagement party—they can be formal, informal or somewhere in between, there are a lot of choices for how to dress, which may even include that plus size dressy jacket you’ve been dying to wear. More choices means difficult (but fun) decision-making! If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to curating your plus size wedding outfits, the engagement party is the first stop. As a bride-to-be, finding great outfits for your wedding festivities can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but we’re here to make creating your looks all part of the excitement of getting married!

The real secret to looking great, is feeling great and letting your personal style shine through. To make sure your plus size engagement party outfit is on-point, there are three key components to consider: style, venue and season. Keep these things in mind and you’ve got shopping in the bag!

Make A Personal Statement

What you wear at the engagement party will set the tone for all of the wedding festivities leading up to the big day and give guests a wedding day dress code hint. Whether you’re planning to be a fashion-forward bride, a traditionally romantic bride or casually bohemian, the guests will take their cue from you. Although many brides opt to wear a white plus size engagement dress to their party, there are no hard and fast rules here. 

White is classic, sure. But don’t limit yourself—feel free to coordinate according to a theme you may dream up for forthcoming events rather than just sticking to tradition. Don’t be afraid to stand out! Spice things up by wearing a bold color or an interesting print. If sparkle and shine is your thing, pull out the sequins or rhinestones. You don’t even have to wear a dress. Many brides are doing away with tradition altogether and opting for edgier pieces like plus size bridal jumpsuits, dressy pantsuits or rompers. However you choose to express your personal style, consider your comfort. Grimacing in pain because of an outfit that’s too tight or hurting feet in uncomfortable heels will show in pictures—not something you’ll want to memorialize in your photos!

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For more dressed-up cocktail parties in your home or in a raw space like an art gallery or a downtown loft, go for a flirty plus size cocktail dress.

Location, Location, Location

Considering the location is a must in planning a killer outfit. What looks fabulous at a low-key outdoor gathering probably won’t work for a formal dinner. And if you are having the event via Zoom, you might want to flip the script completely! Restaurants are a classic choice for an engagement party and a semi-formal look is a great way to enhance the ambience. Dinners typically mean a lot of sitting and standing to greet guests and family. A stunning plus size midi dress is a great option here. It won’t ride up when you sit or force you to readjust every time you stand up. 

For more dressed-up cocktail parties in your home or in a raw space like an art gallery or a downtown loft, go for a flirty plus size cocktail dress. Knee-length or mini dresses work well in this setting because there will be tons of mingling and much less sitting (no need to worry about flashing your guests!). When choosing a mini dress, look for one with lots of room and movement that won’t ride up. A plus size wedding jumpsuit or pantsuit is also a great option here. At more casual events like backyard BBQs or picnics in the park, maxi dresses and rompers are easy go-tos. Lightweight flowy fabrics will keep you cool and give you an ethereal goddess glow. Playing it safe with a Zoom party? Go for interesting necklines or statement sleeves so that your guests can still get a taste of your style even through the screen.

Check out our plus size outfits for wedding receptions and engagement parties | Dia&Co

When Mother Nature RSVPs “Yes” 

 So the venue has been chosen, and it’s outside. You’ve got your dream outfit all prepared, but the forecast doesn’t look like it’s going to cooperate. There is nothing worse than overestimating the warmth of a spring evening or underestimating a frigid autumn afternoon. But  you don’t have to give-up donning your dream plus-size wedding reception or engagement party outfit for Mother Nature. A dressy plus-size shawl or your favorite plus size denim jacket are versatile layering options for chilly weather that will still show-off your outfit. In the summer, lightweight fabrics + an anti chafing stick = an easy breezy bride-to-be!  One thing to always keep in mind at an outdoor venue is your shoe choice. If your venue is covered in grass, sand, or gravel lean towards block heels or wedges that won’t sink into the ground as you mingle. And, dressy flats or sandals are equally fabulous choices at an outdoor event. Being comfortable is the new sexy.

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