plus size dancer jessie diaz watches herself dance in her mirror

How Dance Taught Me To Hate, Then Love, My Body

Plus size dancer Jessie Diaz reflects on her journey to loving herself—and the feelings of body shame she had to overcome to get there.

plus size fashion designer marita ashby

Spotlight on Marita

After starting her career at Levi and Old Navy, plus size fashion designer Marita joined Dia&Co to help us radically change the industry.

Lulu the dog laying on a bed around a denim jacket, gingham skirt, and white top.

What’s My Style?: A Guide to Casual Outfits

Defining your personal style can be tricky, but we’re here to help you find plus size outfits that perfectly encompass you. Learn our tips for building a wardrobe full of easy-to-wear casual outfits to see if this style is right for you!

A Beginner’s Guide to Running by a Fat Girl Who Runs

Plus size running expert and the founder of Fat Girl Running shares her tips. Her #1 piece of advice? It’s never too late to start—no matter your size.

How to Join the #DiaArmy

Looking for outfit inspiration for your #DiaArmy post? Check out some of our favorite posts on social and see how you can get the look at home.

Songs for Body-Positive Summer Vibes

Our Top Picks

How We’re All #FitToThrive

What does a #FitToThrive body look like? Get a glimpse for yourself.

Here’s a hint: you already have one!

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Marge Salutes

Her Shorts

Meet Marge—one of Dia&Co’s original stylists. These days, she uses her passion and expertise to onboard new team members and plan company celebrations. We asked Marge to share her summer staple to show off how you too can wear plus-size shorts.

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Fit to Thrive:

Lizzy Howell

Learn how stereotype-shattering teen dancer Lizzy is fit to perform.

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