Halloween is fast approaching, and the spooky vibes are in the air. If you’re stressing about what costume to wear, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. You can finally say goodbye to the days of buying cheap, ill-fitting plus-size costumes or spending an arm and a leg for an outfit you will ever only wear once. This year, Dia & Co has created the perfect lineup of plus-size dresses and sets that you can turn into costumes with just a little creativity. These four costume ideas will not only help you stand out from the crowd but will also be great pieces to add to your wardrobe.


This classic costume is perfect for any body shape and is a lot of fun to create; think Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Black dresses with some tulle, a pointed hat, and a broomstick are all you need to get started. Add some black lipstick, nail polish, and smoky-eye makeup to complete the look. You can elevate your costume by adding some spooky jewelry like spider earrings and necklaces.

Mermaid Magic

This sea-inspired costume is for the fashionista in you. Rock a high-waisted mermaid skirt paired with a seashell bra top. Add shimmery makeup and beach waves to your hair for full underwater vibes. This costume comes in many color variations, so pick one that makes you feel like a true siren!

Groovy 70s Diva

Step back in time with a Groovy 70’s costume. Embrace the vibrant fashion of the era with a colorful mini dress that flatters your figure, or rock a flare-leg jumpsuit. Complete the look with oversized hoop earrings and platform boots or sandals. This stylish costume is not just for Halloween – it’s perfect for any whimsical-themed party you attend throughout the year. Experience the 70s in style!

The Roaring 20s

Step back in time and recreate the glamour of the Great Gatsby with this costume. Choose a flapper dress, add a long pearl necklace, and don’t forget the feather headband. For makeup, go for a smokey eye and a dark red or burgundy lip. You can also add some finger waves to your hair for a true ’20s look.

At Dia & Co, we’re committed to helping you find the right looks for every aspect of your life, from the office to the next big Halloween party. Whether you’re going for a classic spooky look, a 70s diva aesthetic, or a roaring 20s vibe, there’s a costume that’s perfect for you. Share your fabulous looks with us on IG @diaandco #mydiastyle.

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