Let’s get right to the good stuff—how to find the best plus-size jeans for your shape. Everyone is built differently, and understanding your body type is the key to finding a great fit. At Dia & Co we have the best jeans for every body type in sizes 10-32. Whether you are a skinny jean lover for life, married to your classic bootcut, or loving the wide-leg trend, you’ll definitely find the jeans you love and feel good in. If you’re not sure what you prefer, one of our stylists can send you great options in our Dia Style Box. But for now, let’s get to the details about shape and style.

The Best Plus Size Jeans For Women Who Are Apple Shaped 

Apple-shaped body types are known for their long, slender arms and legs with slightly narrow shoulders and hips and have a full bust and wide torso. Those with apple shapes may struggle to find stylish plus-size jeans that are roomy enough at the waist but also fitted enough through the leg and at the ankle. Apple body types look awesome in straight or slim jeans, bootcut, and flare jeans. Women’s plus-size bootcut jeans are designed to fit seamlessly over a pair of boots, thanks to a flare starting at the knee. The flare is not as extreme as flare or bell bottoms—instead, think about the jeans of cowboys from the Wild West.

Bootcut Jeans are characterized by a slim leg that widens from the knee and ends in a flare. Modified bootcut jeans are slim throughout the leg, and then ends in a smaller flare.

The Best Plus Size Jeans For Women Who Are Pear Shaped or Hourglass

How do you know if you have a pear shaped or hourglass body? Women who are pear shaped typically have a small bust and narrow shoulders, the waist is wider than the bust and narrower than the hips, with wider hips and butt and thick thighs. Hourglass shapes are defined by having a full bust, full hips, and a defined waist. If you are hourglass or pear shaped, it might be tricky to find jeans that fit over your hips and rear without gaping at the waist. The best jeans for curvy women typically have spandex or stretchy materials. Denim that has a contoured waistband, or a yoke is specifically designed to prevent gaping, while highlighting your bottom and accentuating your waistline. Try styles with clean lines and no heavy embellishment at the waist, hip, or backside. Opt for high-waist, mom, and girlfriend jeans for a trendy look. Or try flare and bootcut jeans for a more classic look.

High-waisted jeans are a type of denim or pants that feature a waistband positioned above the natural waistline, typically resting at or above the belly button.

The Best Plus Size Jeans For Women Who Are Rectangle Shaped

A person’s shape is considered rectangular when the hips, waist, and shoulder widths are similar. What type of jeans can a rectangular body shape wear? Lucky for them, they can rock any style. A rectangular body shape can wear mid-rise or high-waist jeans, skinny jeans, girlfriend, boyfriend, flare, bootcut and wide leg jeans. Straight leg jeans especially look great on women with rectangle shapes. Plus size straight-leg jeans only slightly taper from the waist to the ankle. Unlike skinny jeans that are fitted throughout the leg, straight leg jeans should not be tight on the calf or ankle.

Straight Leg Jeans skim over the hips and thighs and have a wider leg than slim fit jeans.

The Best Plus Size Jeans For Women Who Are Inverted Triangle Shaped

If you have strong shoulders, straight hips, and a small-ish booty, you have the inverted triangle body shape. Like the rectangular body shape, you can wear any type of plus-size jean style. If you love wide-leg jeans, skinny jeans, high-waist, or mid-rise jeans, go for it. Boyfriend jeans especially look great on women with an inverted triangle shape because they add volume to the lower half of the body creating a balanced silhouette. Often distressed and worn cuffed, plus size boyfriend jeans have a looser, more straight-leg fit. Instead of being fitted at the knee, like bootcut jeans, they have a relaxed fit throughout the leg and are menswear-inspired in style.

Skinny Jeans were once called the Cigarette Jean because the silhouette is very slim cut and hugs the body. Skinny jeans can have any type of a rise; high-waist, mid-and low-rise waistbands.

The Best Plus Size Jeans For Your Height

Whether you are tall or short you can wear any style of jeans. But the most important thing to consider is your inseam. While the basic rule of thumb is that petite jeans are designed only for women below 5’ 4”, however;  most jeans for petite women are designed for people who are short-waisted. So, one could be taller than 5’4” and wear petite styles because the waist placement is higher than in non-petite clothing. The best jeans for curvy petite women are high-waisted mom, and girlfriend jeans for the illusion of added inches. If you’re a skinny jean fan, look for skinny jeans that have a slightly wide leg opening, as skinny jeans that hug the ankle can make you appear shorter.

Boyfriend Jeans are characterized by denim that is fitted at the hips, and the legs have a fuller, relaxed cut so they’re looser and slightly slouchy.

Looking for more plus size denim inspiration? Check out our guide to wearing jeans every day of the week. Denim is incredibly versatile and is a wardrobe staple for good reason—it even can be dressed up for work. Make sure to try out new silhouettes so you can put a spin on your everyday outfits!

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