Picture this: You, carefree, arms stretched to the sky, headed unabashedly into an inviting body of water. That’s the magic of a great fitting swimsuit—total confidence! But no matter what body type we identify with, every summer, most people struggle to find a swimsuit that’s stylish, comfortable and functional. At Dia & Co we believe in style possibilities.With a few tips and tricks and a great selection, we can help you find fabulous plus-size swimwear that feels like it’s made just for you. Here’s our round-up of essential style tips to help make swimsuit shopping a success this season. 

Swimsuit Styles for Fuller Chests

Figures that feature a fuller busom are often referred to as “top-heavy”. Those of us that identify with this body type know it can sometimes make it more challenging to find a swimsuit with a secure fit. Ample support is a must especially if you plan to do a lot of movement while donning your beach looks. When shopping for the best swimsuits for large busts, look for details like adjustable straps, hook-and-eye closures and cup inserts. These features will give you more support and flexibility. Swim brands like CoCo Reef and Kitty & Vibe use bra sizing to help people with larger busts find a better fit. But, if you are loving a brand or a style that does not use bra sizing, keep an out for styles with plenty of room in the chest. That extra fabric goes a long way in making sure your breasts are completely covered, no nip slips over here!

Avoid buying swimwear with defined cups, like balconette styles that do not use bra sizing. The cup-size-to-body-size ratio can be a major hit or miss when you have a larger bust. Swimsuits with plunging necklines are great for showing off your assets while also minimizing the appearance of your bust, creating a more balanced silhouette. The Avianna Majorca plus-size swimsuit from City Chic has ample fabric for covering fuller busts, plus a v-neck and peekaboo cutout. The straps are adjustable with hook-and-eye closure in the back for added support. The best part about this swimsuit is that it doubles as a really cute bodysuit with a denim skirt or shorts.

Swimsuit Styles for Broader Shoulders

“Inverted triangle” body types are defined as figures where shoulders are wider than hips and there is little-to-no waist definition. Traditionally, people with broad shoulders have been encouraged to lean towards styles that create more of a balance between the width of their shoulders and their waist. This means avoiding off-the-shoulder and strapless styles that call attention to the width of your shoulders. In reality, how to showcase your figure is your choice. What’s most important is a comfortable fit. Swimsuits with wider straps are a winning option for broader shoulders. The wider straps offer more support and help you avoid the pain of having your strap digging into your shoulders. Styles like Nomads Swimwear’s Current Bikini is a must-buy for those of us with wider shoulders. It’s the kind of classic style that works season after season.

Swimsuit Styles For Wider Hips

“Pear shape” or “bottom-heavy” figures are usually characterized as having a hip measurement that is wider than their bust and waist measurement. Typically, people with “pear-shaped” bodies are encouraged to wear styles that will draw the eye up and away from their wider hips and fuller bottoms. Fashion rules are meant to be broken, whether or not you flaunt your hips, is totally your choice! High-cut swim bottoms like Dippin Daisy’s Ultra Bottom are great for showing off wider hips. The bottoms are also high-waisted which is another go-to silhouette. The higher waistline accentuates the narrowness of your waist compared to your hips and offers a snug fit that will stay in place all day. It’s a total knockout combination. If you are looking for more modesty, opt for a one-piece with a fuller bottom like the Janelle Color-Block One-Piece. Not only does it have a full coverage bottom that will comfortably accommodate your figure, it also has belt-like detailing around the waist that is perfect for showcasing your curves.

Swimsuit Styles for Curvier Bottoms

From full briefs to thongs, there is a range of coverage to choose from when looking for a great fit for your curvy bottom. Similar to suits that work for wider hips, high-cut legs are made for this body type. They also help to alleviate the seams of your swimsuit cutting into your hips if you also have larger thighs. Styles like Nomad Swimwear’s Coast One-Piece has a high-cut leg opening that accentuates your curves, while the flirty neckline and fun monochromatic color palette draw the eye up (if that’s where you would prefer it go)! It’s perfect for making a statement at the beach. The halter neckline of the Chaya One-Piece from City Chic adds an elegant touch to the shoulders while the full coverage bottom offers additional comfort.

Swimsuit Styles For Longer Torsos

It’s a common misconception that only tall people, or people above 5”5’ can have long torsos. Anyone can have a long torso no matter their height; it just means that in comparison to your legs, your torso is longer. Look for one-piece options that are cut longer than “short” or “regular” styles to avoid uncomfortable and unsightly bunching in the crotch area. Otherwise, opt for plunging necklines like the Phoenix Embroidered One-Piece swimsuit from City Chic. The cut-out at the waist is great for breaking up the length of your torso. Separates are another great option for longer torsos. Mix and match high-waisted bottoms with bikini tops, or mid-rise bottoms with tankinis to find the right fit and coverage for you.

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