Game-Changing Style

Game-Changing Style

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Christine Yarde

At Dia & Co we know that it only takes one great-fitting piece to transform the way you see yourself in the mirror. It’s the game changerthat special something that changes your wardrobe (and maybe your life) forever. If you’ve felt it, you know it: the ah-ha moment when everything fits and it just works! We believe that every woman deserves a game-changing moment. It’s why we do what we do every day.

In our journey to make that moment possible for women across the country we tapped our community to get the scoop on what it was like when they found their game changer and how it transformed their style. So we took to the Dia & Co headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, where we sat down with our Cofounder, a Dia. &. Co stylist and a Dia & Co customer to get their stories. 

Check out Dia & Co stylist Danisha Brown’s game-changing moment here. And find yours at

"I think Dia has really broken some of the unwritten rules in fashion that have bound the plus-size community. "

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