Dia & Co’s magic lies in the personal stylists who curate our Dia Style Boxes and Seasonal Style Boxes. Dia & Co personal stylists get that sometimes discovering who you are through fashion is a journey and they are passionate about helping women discover their style. We sat down with one of our amazing stylists Epahnee Tyrone, from Texas, for her story on what fashion means to her.

Have you always loved fashion? Who were your fashion inspirations?

Fashion has always been a passion of mine. I had a very large collection of Teen Vogue magazines growing up, then I graduated to Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and W Magazine just to name a few of my favorites. The the mall was my second home. And I have so many inspirations! From Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City, Brandy’s character in Moesha, Hillary Duff’s character in Lizzie McGuire, my mom with her dainty lace materials, and my grandmother with her 15 closets! I was the kid in grade school that never carried a backpack, but always came in with a leopard tote bag or a duffle bag shaped like a boom box.

How would you describe your style?

My style is very eclectic and I dress based on my current mood, or the mood I desire to be in for the day. Y2k, Retro, conservative, cottage core, dark academia, kawaii, grunge, artsy; the list goes on! Victorian ruff collars with ripped jeans, fishnets with fit and flare dresses, I love to mix and match aesthetics that are unconventional. Thrifting is a major part of my life. It’s like going on a treasure hunt for unique styles that no one else is wearing- being able to reuse items and help them keep their value. It’s an amazing feeling to me.

“Reading ‘you’ve done such an amazing job of nailing my style, and I loved the new prints I wouldn’t normally pick for myself in a store’, is one of the highlights of my days!”

Where do you get your inspiration for styling your Dia & Co customers?

I have a wide range of customers with different interests, so I go about it a different way each time. I love when customers share their social media links like Pinterest with their fashion boards, and I occasionally get customers that mention their favorite celebrities and fictional characters they’re inspired by! It makes it easier to grasp their aesthetics.

How do you decide on the perfect pieces to send to a customer?

If they’re a regular customer, I base their looks on past purchases as inspiration. If they like casual, I won’t send them a formal dress or trousers—they’re leaning more towards comfy materials and no-fuss styles. If the customer is new, I try my best to use where they’re from, the climate, their occupation, and things they like to style a box tailored to their desires. The style quiz is also helpful and gives an overall idea of personal style, whether it’s preppy, boho, or even classic.

What are some of your favorite Dia & Co pieces to send to your customers?

I absolutely love to send our Karla Knit Wrap Midi Dress by Socialite. It can be worn casually with sneakers and a fun jacket, or you can dress it up with statement jewelry and heels! The knit material is soft, and I love describing the draped front to customers as a “camouflage for the midsection”—perfect tidbit for customers self conscious about their tummy. I also love it when customers appreciate a good coat like our Annabeth Plaid Oversized Coat by Dex Plus! Personally, I love coats to fit pretty large, so the “Oversized” in the name sold me!  You can wear it over the shoulders and it not only keeps you warm but it’s very chic with a vintage 60s/70s touches!

If you weren’t a Dia & Co stylist, what would you be doing? What is your dream job?

As a kid, I always dreamt of being an Author and Illustrator for children’s books. I had a flare for creative writing and I’m always super descriptive when I speak.  I almost changed my major from Fashion Design to Art Education my Junior year of college after discovering that sewing wasn’t my favorite thing. My dream is to own a vintage shop before I’m 40. It’s already in the works. I think 11 years is enough time to plan, right?

What is your most favorite note or compliment you have ever received from a customer?

A customer once told me she hadn’t worn a dress in about 10 years. She said when she looked in the mirror and saw how beautiful she looked in the dress I sent in her box, she instantly cried. Knowing that I helped her regain her confidence makes my heart full, and she continued to express how impressed she was with the outfits I included, enhancing the beauty she’d been ignoring for years! I also love getting compliments from customers regarding my way of helping them step outside their comfort zone. Reading “you’ve done such an amazing job of nailing my style, and I loved the new prints I wouldn’t normally pick for myself in a store”, is one of the highlights of my days!

What is the best piece of style advice you have ever received?

Stay true to your style and wear what makes you happy regardless of what anyone thinks. You never know who you might inspire, whether they’re vocal about it or not. Someone is always watching, and you will motivate someone to step outside their norm. Imagine this—you’re a plus sized girl wearing striped pants. The girl peeking from across the room didn’t think plus sized girls could wear stripes, let alone striped pants. She’s feeling inspired and goes out and purchases a pair, and now her whole world has shifted. You should be proud.