At Dia & Co women supporting women is our style. We value women’s contributions to fashion from our amazing founders, to our incredible stylists and especially our women-owned brands. We are proud to carry some of the most groundbreaking female-founded fashion brands. These founders are right alongside Dia & Co making fashion affordable and accessible to people regardless of shape or size. If you’ve got a fashion need, we’ve got a female-founded brand to fit it. From swimwear to intimates there is something for everyone crafted and inspired by a trailblazing woman. Keep reading for our latest roundup of women-owned and operated brands that you should check out on today.

Women-Owned Sustainable Fashion Brands

Building a sustainable wardrobe as a woman who wears plus sizes can be a true test of determination. Many sustainable brands do not carry plus sizes and their extended sizing leaves much to be desired. At Dia & Co we carry sustainable brands with classic pieces to help you build a timeless wardrobe that is durable and comfortable. Checkout the amazing female founders of some of our sustainable brands.

Alexandra Waldman co-founder and creative director for Universal Standard.

Universal Standard: Alex Waldman

“Whenever the conversation is in fashion, it really should not be about size. Let’s not talk about it anymore.” Quoted from Waldman’s interview with RetailDive. Launched on the Dia & Co shop in 2021, Universal Standard is dispelling the myth that classic style can be assigned to a size, weight or body type. They offer pieces that are simply chic and perfect for everyday style or getting out on the town. Stay tuned for new arrivals to our shop.

Erin Cavanaugh and Yi Zhou, founders of See Rose Go.

See Rose Go: Erin Cavanaugh & Yi Zhou

See Rose Go is making sustainable plus size fashion more accessible. Zhou and Cavanaugh are breaking stereotypes around plus size clothing by focusing on what women want to do in their clothes as much as how they want to look. Their classic design and expertly engineered fabric is crafted to breathe and move with your body. The durability and longevity of their pieces offer women the opportunity to invest in a new kind of luxury. The Signature Tunic Shirt is our fave!

Leah Longueville, founder of Polished Prints.

Polished Prints: Leah Longueville

Illinois based mom-preneur  Leah Longueville’s eco-friendly t-shirt brand Polished Prints is everything you ever wanted in a cute tee! Inspired by trailblazers the empowering graphics are a no brainer when it comes to  your weekender “get-it-done” outfit. A newcomer to the Dia & Co Shop, we’re already loving the slightly oversized fit and the plush texture of the organic cotton.

Women-Owned Swimwear Brands That Fits Your Body & Life

Every woman deserves the experience of running to the water carefree with her hands thrown up in the air. I hope you got that visual! But honestly, as much as we love vacations and cooling off on hot summer days in our favorite lakes, ponds and beaches, shopping for swimwear is no one’s favorite activity. Here are three swimsuit brands owned and operated by amazing women who are changing how women think about their bodies in swimsuits.

Melanie Travis, founder of Andie Swim.

Andie Swim: Melanie Travis

Founded by Melanis Travis, Andie Swim’s pieces are made with cut, fabric and details that guarantee comfort and security at a time when you are “the most naked a woman will ever be in public.” – Melanie Travis. In 2021 we worked in partnership with Andie Swim to launch their first ever venture into plus sizes 4x and 5x. Keep an eye on our shop this spring for new styles and old favorites sure to get you pumped for warmer weather.

Cameron Armstrong founder of Kitty and Vibe

Kitty and Vibe: Cameron Armstrong

When creating Kitty and Vibe Cameron did what most of us do before starting a major project—she had a pow wow with her girlfriends. She was determined to discover what they hated most about swimsuit shopping. She found out booty size matters—a lot! Now, thanks to the brand’s “kitty size” you can say goodbye to the dreaded saggy bottom or even worse—the swimsuit wedgie!  Their “kitty size” measurement accounts for both hips and butt with two sizes that make finding the right swimsuit bottoms for your plus-size bikini a breeze for every shape.

Taylor Long of Nomads Swim.

Nomads Swimwear: Taylor Long

Plus-size model and Nomads Swimwear founder Taylor Long was motivated to create her brand when she got tired of seeing the matronly plus-size swimsuit options available. Her trips to Sydney, Australia inspired this bold chic collection that doesn’t skimp on support either. The power mesh inserts and 4-way stretch with smoothing capabilities add support in each swimsuit. No more sacrificing bold style for a supportive fit.

Women-Owned Dress Brands For Curvy Women

As a curvy woman finding dresses that fit well and accentuate the part of your body that you love is a must. From breathable fabric to hemlines that don’t ride up, looking amazing in your dress means feeling amazing in your dress. And brands like Kiyonna have been creating and helping women find beautifully fitting dresses for their curves.

Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi founder of Kiyonna

Kiyonna: Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi

From classic elegance to everyday chic, Kiyonna is the home of some of Dia & Co’s bestselling dresses. Founded in 1996 by aspiring entrepreneur Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi; today the elegance and impeccable fit of Kiyonna dresses can be found in over 100 stores nationwide and online retailers like Dia & Co. “We’re in business still, after all these years, because we’ve always sold a feeling, not a product. I’ve always believed in the idea that curvy women deserved to look and feel stylish and amazing. Why not?” – Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi

Women-Owned Intimates Brands

Underneath it all, the right intimates are everything when it comes to comfort and confidence. You can’t be your best self if you are tugging at uncomfortable bra straps and pulling up underwear that won’t stop riding down. Brands like ThirdLove get the necessity of great fitting undies.

Heidi Zak, founder of ThirdLove.

ThirdLove: Hiedi Zak

When Hiedi Zak started her bra line ThirdLove inclusivity was not the hot ticket buzzword it is today. But still she sought out to create comfortable bras for women of all shapes and sizes. Today 17 million women (and counting) have found the right bra size using their revolutionary FitFinder. It recreates the experience of a bra fitting from the comfort of your own home. Their comfort stretch fabrics and whisper light bra materials, are helping women feel good and look good in their underwear. If you’ve ever wondered how to build a bra wardrobe, ThirdLove is the place to start with a bra for every occasion.