Why is shopping for plus-size swimsuits so hard? I wish we could answer this question but the truth is, sizing can differ wildly between each brand you try. And most swimsuit brands don’t take into consideration all of the amazing types of bodies that wear swimsuits. But, what we can do at Dia & Co is source amazing suits from inclusive brands that get it. That’s why we were so excited to partner with brands like Kitty and Vibe Swimwear that are using revolutionary fits and measurements to serve every body.

Kitty and Vibe is changing the swim game when it comes to the way women shop for swimsuits. Thanks to their “kitty size”you can say goodbye to the dreaded saggy bottom or even worse—the swimsuit wedgie! We will never think about the booty the same ever again. Their “kitty size” measurement accounts for both hips and butt with two sizes that make finding the right swimsuit bottoms for your plus-size bikini a breeze for every shape.  For those amongst us with a fuller bottom, their “2” range provides ample coverage. The smaller bottom sisters can avoid sagging by choosing a size from their “1” range. And if you are in between or not sure where you fall on the booty spectrum, start by testing out the “1” range. No matter the size of your booty, Kitty and Vibes’ seamless swimsuit construction fits comfortably with no pinching or squeezing—the relief is monumental!

Because they are truly size inclusive, they carry cup sizes ranging from A to G with band sizes from 34 through 42. Mixing and matching is a cinch for plus-size and mid-size women that wear different sizes on the top and the bottom. Their styles from bikinis to one pieces have so much personality they had to give them all their own playlists. For each of their signature prints they create playlists to listen to while you try on your suit. Their commitment to making swimsuit shopping an enjoyable experience is everything. With great music setting the scene how can you not have fun finding a beach look that works for you. 

Check them out now on dia.com for 25% off through 7/5/21 with promo code: GOSWIM

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