I Hope She Sees

I Hope She Sees


I hope she sees

The way her body

Soft curves on a strong frame

Will always be my first home

The warm nest of her arms

The place I feel safest in this world


The way her love shines

Resilient as the sun

Across my darkest skies

Bringing me to life


I hope she sees the way

The mirror blushes at her beauty

How her soft hips

Sway like palm leaves

How her back made more beautiful

For having carried the world

How so much of her beauty

Comes from her strength


Like me,

It sees the fullness of her

A Woman.

A Warrior.

A Force.

All the pieces she weaves together

To bring us whole


-Priyanka Saju, @priyanka.saju



Share your reflections and gratitude for mom this Mother’s Day using the hashtag #Ihopeshesees

Inspired by our community of submissions, we’ve collaborated with artist and poet, Priyanka Saju, to author a tribute to all Dia mothers for Mother’s Day.


Today and everyday we hope you see how strong, resilient and loved you are…

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