plus size influencer and trainer Louise Green hiking on a mountain

#1. Louise Green of @louisegreen_bigfitgirl

Not only has this plus size fitness influencer been a Wellness Advisor here at Dia&Co, but Big Fit Girl Louise has inspired women of all sizes with her training programs. If you’re looking to start running, Louise has a gradual 5K program built out that’s tried and true. Not only is she a great trainer, but she’s also published a book. Check out Louise’s Fitness Videos on our Facebook to get started.

#2. Jessie Diaz of @curveswithmoves

If you’re looking for a fun and upbeat way to get moving, look no further. Jessie is a dancing queen who teaches body-positive dance classes in New York City. She also actively lifts weights, does CrossFit, and drops gems of body positivity. If you didn’t get a chance to check her out on our plus size fitness Instagram live series, see her in action on this episode of Dear Ashby where she shared her story and led a body-positive dance you can follow along to at home.

plus size influencer @ceceolisa swinging a kettlebell

#3. CeCe Olisa of @ceceolisa

While her first love may be fashion, CeCe is a body-positive fitness advocate who documents her own fitness journey and creates YouTube videos with workouts that you can follow along to at home. You’ll find modifications, multiple plus-size women in her videos, and hear authentic plus-size reviews of today’s hottest workouts. Check her out if you’re looking for plus size fitness YouTubers.

jessamyn stanley plus size yogi

#4. Jessamyn Stanley of @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn fell in love with yoga as a student but didn’t have the funds to afford her favorite classes, so she took to practicing at home. Unsure if her posture was correct, she put photos online to look for advice from more experienced students. Instead, what she received was positive feedback from women who were elated at the sight of a black, plus-size woman practicing yoga on the internet. Now a world recognized yoga teacher, Jessamyn uses her Instagram to spark conversation and celebrate all her body can accomplish. She also launched The UnderBelly , a subscription based yoga program that you can access on her site.

#5. Sarah Sapora of @sarahsapora

Sarah has made her fitness journey public for her followers and it is as impressive as it is inspiring to watch. With her true love being Kundalini Yoga (she is a certified teacher!), she also kicks butt in the gym, running up and down stairs, and is always leaving little reminders of just how worthy we all are. If you’re looking for a motivational voice and deeply personal stories to go along with your #fitspo, you’ll find that in Sarah.

plus size pole dancer @rozthediva

#6. Roz of @rozthediva

A certified personal trainer and impressive pole dancer, Roz is changing what fitness looks like and what sexy looks like. Her strength lets her accomplish so much on and off the pole. She’s offering Intro To Fitness classes specifically for plus-size athletes because she understands the shame that can come from working out in a public space. From weightlifting to handstands, Roz is the diva we all need in our lives.

plus size fitness influencer mirna valerio of @themirnavator hikes through a river

#7. Mirna Valerio of @themirnavator

Mirna, whose blog is titled Fat Girl Running, is just that. She has been featured in just about every publication from the Wall Street Journal to Buzzfeed as she completes impressive races all over the world. Mirna is almost always surrounded by nature and geared with everything from high-protein snacks to a backpack full of skincare and chub rub products. A runner at heart, Mirna also practices yoga, hiking, and rock climbing because there is literally nothing she can’t do.

plus size yogi Maria of @asap.yogi on her mat

#8. Maria Odugba of @asap.yogi

All plus-size women know the struggle of looking for fitness inspiration that features bodies that look like our own, but this can be particularly trying for women that wear a size 20 or above. Maria is shattering stereotypes by not only practicing yoga but also by being an Exercise Physiologist. She openly discusses PCOS and Hypothyroidism with her followers, and opened up to us about the struggle of being taken seriously as a plus-size woman in the fitness industry.

@unlikelyhikers plus size hiker on a trail

#9. The Unlikely Hikers of @unlikelyhikers

Started by unlikely hiker Jenny Bruso, who reluctantly took a fateful hike one day and ended up falling in love with it. Unlikely Hikers is an account dedicated to outdoor representation, diversity, and inclusion. Not only will you find plus-size women represented on this account, you’ll also find urbanites, people of color, and age diversity. The outdoors was made for all of humankind, and this account makes that apparent.

#10. Coach Tulin of @iamtulin

No title has ever been more appropriate than Coach is for Tulin, who is a motivational speaker through and through. She is a firm believer that all bodies can be fit bodies and an advocate for modifying to make workouts accessible for all. She creates modified workouts for her partner who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. Her hashtag #fithasnosize resonates with her curvy and active community.

#11. Dana Falsetti of @practicewithdana

If you’re looking for a way to begin your at-home yoga practice, look no further than this account created by a plus-size yoga teacher. Dana’s account is dedicated to her yoga practice and made extra accessible for all with a name-your-price fee. Scroll through her feed to see how she loves and appreciates her body, on and off the yoga mat.

#12. Ashley Manning of @ashleysadventure

Ashley is documenting her journey hiking the Appalachian Trail and every excursion along the way. After a mini hiatus to recover from a whitewater rafting trip injury, she dusted herself off and got back to hiking her way through the trail. Follow along to see her living out of a backpack, standing at the top of mountains, paddle boarding, and camping. It’s in-tents.

#13. Brittany Richards of @crazycurvy_yoga

Being both a yoga teacher and a mom to three, Brittany is often practicing yoga with or around her little ones. She practiced throughout her pregnancy and openly discusses her postpartum depression. Brittany uses her Instagram as a diary, documenting real experiences of fat-shaming in public, parenthood struggles, and offering new ways to measure beauty and progress.

#14. The Curvy Kili Crew of @curvykilicrew

While it may not have a mass following (at least not yet), this Instagram page showcases the journeys of 20 plus-size women from across the globe as they train to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro, with the goal of reaching the summit on International Women’s Day 2019. Get to know the various women that make up this crew and get inspired by how tough and strong they each are—not to mention how unstoppable they are as a unit.

#15. Meg Boggs of @meg.boggs

Looking for guidance on getting stronger and building muscle? Check out powerlifter and mom, Meg Boggs. As an athlete who has overcome anxiety and depression, she’s teaching us all that real strength comes from within. Meg’s journey started when she returned to the gym at only 8 weeks postpartum and entered a fitness competition 6 months later. Now, she’s penned a memoir which takes us through her journey from a chronic fad dieter to Under Armour Athlete. The book, “Fitness for Everybody” even includes a training guide and will be available April of 2021!

Feeling inspired? Snap a photo of yourself being active and post it on Instagram with hashtag #fittothrive so we can cheer you on.