A cute sundress shouldn’t come with a side dish of chub rub! Thigh chafing, or “chub rub” as we lovingly call it, can ruin an otherwise perfect summer day. If you feel like you’re the only one who deals with this pain, just know that you’re not alone in your discomfort—and your closet full of gorgeous dresses shouldn’t suffer from it. So, we put together a list of the best chub rub product to help you prevent that dreaded pain.

1. Thigh Rescue by Megababe

We love this non-toxic stick! It prevents chub rub from happening by creating a barrier that helps your thighs glide and is much easier to use than chub rub powder. If you’re hurting from chafed thighs, it also helps soothe the pain. It contains soothing aloe, gliding grapeseed oil, and moisturizing vitamin E. For extra summer protection, check out the whole line of Megababe products created by plus-size influencer Katie Sturino. The lineup includes a boob-sweat reducing powder called Bust Dust, an all-natural deodorant called Rosy Pits, and wipes to keep you fresh. Plus, they recently launched MegaMan—now the men you know and love can have a pain-free summer too! Pick it up at Target or Ulta, or buy it online.

2. ChafeZone by MedZone

Created by an athletic trainer and physical therapist, MedZone designed an array of products made to help athletes perform their best. The ChafeZone Chub Rub formula can be used on the inner thighs, of course, but the product can also help with underarm and chest chafing.

3. Deodorant or antiperspirant

You may already be doing this one! Deodorant, particularly of the antiperspirant variety, is a very popular method to reduce chub rub. Antiperspirant reduces sweat and many deodorants also help with the glide factor. That said, Katie Sturino, who founded Megababe, noted that “Deodorant is made to dry you out, which means it isn’t a long-lasting chafe barrier.” So, while many of us have rubbed a stick of deodorant on our inner thighs in a pinch—sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do—it may not be the perfect option.

4. Silky Underwear Dusting Powder by Lush Cosmetics

This dusting powder has been praised for everything from chub-rub protection to shoe deodorizing. This cornstarch-based powder has an amazing jasmine scent—and also features a bit of cocoa butter to leave your skin feeling dry but moisturized, without that sticky feel. Rub it on your inner thighs and under your bust to absorb moisture. You can even use it on your lower abdomen or anywhere else that doesn’t easily dry when you hop out of the shower. Plus, sprinkling it on your sheets will make them smell fresh and feel silky soft—and absorb that lingering sleep sweat. Pick it up at your local Lush Cosmetics!

5. Chafing Relief Powder Gel by Monistat

This unique product goes on like a gel but feels like a powder. While you may associate Monistat solely with vaginal-health, this product is great for its anti-chafe properties and can be used on your inner thighs, bikini area, underarms, and under-bust. It can even help reduce redness from shaving.

6. Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder

This powder is talc-free but contains cornstarch to absorb moisture and calamine to reduce sweat and friction. Calamine can also aid in healing, so it’s perfect for thighs that have already been chafed. Wear it anywhere you rub, like your bra line or inner thighs. This long-lasting powder also has a fresh fragrance! Plus, it’s available for men, and can even be used for babies as a diaper rash treatment.

7. UnderSummers

Instead of shopping for the perfect stick or balm, you can always opt for a light layer of clothing for chub-rub protection! UnderSummers are super lightweight shorts that you can wear under any skirt or dress (or really under anything at all!) that are sure to give you protection without the fuss that comes from shapewear or other undergarments. UnderSummers boast a seam-free inner thigh which helps the garment last longer—and makes the protection last longer, too. They feature a waistband that won’t roll down and don’t contain any silicone, which makes them comfy and fuss-free. Plus, they’re so lightweight you won’t even realize you’re wearing them!

8. Bandelettes

Like UnderSummers, Bandelettes are a garment made to layer under your favorite skirt or dress to prevent thigh chafing. However, these are not shorts—they’re instead lacy bands that look more like your favorite lacy lingerie. Their patented thigh-chafing prevention features two silicone bands that keep the Bandelettes in place all day long. If that doesn’t appeal to you, they also have a lacy short made to stay in place and prevent chafing. If anyone catches a glimpse of your Bandelettes under your dress, you don’t have to worry—they look just like lacy lingerie. Plus, they launched a version for men that doesn’t feature the lacy style but will keep the men in your life chafe-free.

Ready to combat the chub rub this summer? Be sure to try out one or a few of these products and let us know on social what works best for you! Stay chafe-free, and keep wearing your favorite sundresses all season long!