Introducing P.S. Love You

Now that the holidays are behind us, let’s make this month all about you.

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2019 has finally arrived! While your December may have been dedicated to family and friends, now that it’s January, it’s time to put the focus back on you. From planning at-home spa days to trying delicious new recipes, let this month be about finding those moments throughout the day to do what makes you feel amazing.

Here are just a few of our favorite self-care moments to make time for this January…

Experiment with new dishes

The joy of cooking can feel lost on you when it’s the same old meals day in and day out. Breathe new life into your routine by trying out new recipes starring your favorite foods—then share the results with your family and friends.

Move in ways that feel good to you

Staying warm and cozy indoors doesn’t mean you can’t find time to stretch and move. Try scheduling sun salutations in the mornings or upward dog in the afternoons. Your kids—and pets—can join in on the action.

Indulge in a wardrobe refresh

Investing in new pieces for the new year is a way to show yourself appreciation with a long shelf life. This month, stock up on double-duty pieces that work for at-home lounging and those runaround days. (Let your stylist know if you’re ready for fresh styles!)

Make time for great friends

Whether it’s with a weekly dinner party or a monthly book club, save a regular spot on your calendar for nurturing old and new friendships. After all, there’s nothing that feeds the soul like great company (or a great book!).

However you like to pamper yourself, there’s no better time than the present to put your needs front and center. You deserve a little R&R!

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