Before you know it, temps will be dropping, the leaves will be falling off of the trees, and someone will be baking a holiday ham (or a tofurky loaf depending on what you like). When it comes to shopping for plus size women during the holiday season, knowing what to buy can get tricky. So, to help you out on the shopping journey, here are my top four tips for buying a gift your plus size friend or loved one will actually like.

Be Thoughtful 

This is a pretty universal standard, but still worth mentioning. I don’t think I’m speaking only for myself when I say, we are tired of getting things that we can’t use or don’t like. The best way to avoid  this is to pay attention. Is there something she’s been talking about but hasn’t had the time or money to buy for herself? Start there. Is there a place she loves to go or a spa treatment she hasn’t had in a while? Give a gift certificate or take her. Trust me, this always works, and you will get extra brownie points for noticing what matters to her most.

Look Out For Gift Guides

Let’s get this straight, the plus size woman is most women. And most women in the U.S. wear above a size 14 (69% to be exact). But when it comes to apparel she is typically having a more challenging experience finding pieces that she likes. This is where gift guides come in handy! Many retailers that carry a size 14+ will have gift guides for the season; it just takes a little research to find them. Most of them will be organized by styles or preference giving you a little cheat sheet to what she might like. Avoid buying her the biggest size at a straight size retailer, chances are it won’t fit.

“Avoid buying her the biggest size at a straight size retailer, chances are it won’t fit. “

Don’t Play The Guessing Game

As a plus-size woman there’s nothing worse than getting a present that doesn’t fit. It’s just  torture and it can be slightly embarrassing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it won’t ruin the surprise. She will be thrilled that you cared to find out what works for her. And when she opens that gift and puts it all together, the surprise will be that much better. But what if she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to tell you her size? A gift card to her favorite store it’s always a win.

Start Shopping Early

Really want to win the gifting game this year? Start shopping now–trust me. It gives you time to plan finding the right gift and getting it in time. Plus, you will have all the time you need to do the  snooping required to make sure you are buying the right gift.

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