How Can You Make Your Party More Fun For Memorial Day

How Can You Make Your Party More Fun For Memorial Day

When is the last time you hosted a party? It’s time.

Sara Graham and Christine yarde

With Memorial Day 2021 quickly approaching, many of us may be hosting parties for the first time in over a year! You may find yourself forgetting how many portions that potato salad actually makes or that kids really do need something to do while the grown-ups chat late into the night. So, dust off those plus-size Bermuda shorts and that fun tank top and slide into some sandals—here are a few ways to make your party one to remember.

1. Make The Food Easy

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it really does save a ton of time. If you are making burgers or marinated veggies on the grill, prep them beforehand (a personal favorite are marinated portobello mushrooms, and I like to let them sit in marinade for a few hours). To make serving easier, create a “burger bar” with all the fixins—think pre-cut tomato, onion and lettuce, mayo and mustard—all laid out so your guests can self-serve. Let the grill-master do their job, and the partiers do theirs: eating.

2. Create Game Stations

It’s been a challenging year for kids. Now that we have guidelines for safely socializing, why not get some games in the mix. Ring toss, potato sack races and badminton sets are all affordable options—as are craft stations for coloring, paper plate projects and macaroni art. If you want to invest in something splashier you’ll use again and again, we love mini golf sets and croquette. Just make sure Uncle Bob doesn’t get too competitive.

3. Create A Playlist

Music takes the party up a notch and can create a vibe without needing a ton of decor. Will you go for a ‘60s sophisticated soiree with tiki torches or a relaxed BBQ vibe with classic rock hits? An island theme could easily come to life with the right playlist. Pro tip: on Spotify you can create a mix of up to 50 songs or select a pre-made mix that matches your vibe. And remember Pandora? It still delivers—we love making stations based on our favorite artists.

4. Have A Signature Drink

You could go with a classic Arnold Palmer (lemonade and iced tea duo) to kickoff summer or get creative with homemade lemonade, watermelon juice or a seltzer and juice spritz. Whatever you choose, make a big pitcher full, add cut fruit and let people serve themselves.

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