How To Nail Your Engagement Photos

Try out these tricks to cultivate a gorgeous look for your engagement photos | Dia&Co

I’m so glad you’re here! If you are reading this, I’ll assume that you’re already planning to immortalize your love story with beautiful photos. Engagement photos are totally optional, not every couple chooses to take them, so no need to feel bad if  you’re still on the fence. But, engagement photos are a fantastic addition to your wedding planning agenda because let’s face it: images are timeless. Plus, you can use engagement photos to personalize all of your wedding memorabilia, from Save The Dates to the wedding guest sign-in book and your plus-size wedding outfits. Most importantly, you’ll get a feel for your wedding photography style!

Taking engagement photos also gives you the  opportunity to test out your make-up artist, hair stylist, wedding photographer and that good ol’ plus-size wedding shapewear (depending on your plus-size wedding clothes, of course) all before the big day. If  you are already an Instagram model, you probably don’t need this advice, so you can swiftly pass go”, and collect your $200! But, if you are like the rest of us who don’t take stunning photos for a living, keep reading.  From selecting photographers to choosing your outfit, Dia is your destination for tips on how to look and feel your best for this major life moment.

Your wardrobe during an engagement photo is merely to frame your love story.

The Clothes Make The Photo

Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to engagement photos.  Pictures are worth a thousand words and “pain” should not be one of them! Select items that make you feel comfortable so you are free to let your personality take center stage. If you opt for a dress or form-fitting tee, this is also a good opportunity to give your best plus-size wedding shapewear a test drive. Find out if that bra lifts and separates like it claims to or if those shaping shorts really don’t ride up. Any hint of discomfort is a sign you need to ditch that shapewear for a better option. 

Your wardrobe during an engagement photo is merely to frame your love story.  Sometimes, the simpler the better. Too many stripes or tiny floral prints can look dizzying on camera and don’t let too many rhinestones or sequins steal your shine! Give bold, solid colors a try here. Choose a color that really complements your eyes and your skin tone. If you’ve got blue eyes, a gorgeous emerald green plus-size dress will really make you pop! No matter the style or outfit, solid colors will be your best friend.

Now for the most important wardrobe question, is it a must to match your fiance in your photos? Absolutely not! There is no rule that says you and your fiance have to match. Think more about coordinating with complimentary colors, style and fabrics rather than matching.


We love how this couple used color and texture to coordinate with each other and their environment. The brown tweed vest is the perfect compliment for the green jersey dress. Showing your personal style will make your engagement photos all the more unique (and don’t forget your fur babies, they count, too)!

Ready For The Close-Up 

An engagement photoshoot without a great photographer is like pancakes without the syrup—just plain wrong.  Your photographer should be able capture the sparks between you and your partner,  so don’t feel rushed when it comes to making the choice. Take your time and make sure you find someone who gets your vision. Do your research and reach out to friends and family for recommendations. Or, use search tools like The Knot Marketplace to find vendors in your city. Review photographers’ websites and Instagram pages to see if their photography style matches the look you want. You can also see if they have photographed any other plus-size informal brides. If they don’t have experience photographing curvier bodies, they might not be able to capture the angles that make you look your best. You deserve photos you’ll enjoy for years to come – don’t settle for less.

You have the freedom to make your engagement shoot whatever you want it to be.

Perfect Timing

Planning goes a long way in getting the most out of your photoshoot. When sending a formal announcement to your local newspaper aim for a  date within the first month of your engagement. If you want to use the photos for a wedding website 6 to 8 months prior to the big day is ideal. Throughout the process try different hair, makeup and plus-size wedding clothing styles to discover your favorites. Two months prior to the wedding is the perfect opportunity for one final hair and makeup test shoot. 

If the mental math for the cost of these photoshoots is blowing your mind, don’t panic! Many photographers include engagement shoots as part of their overall package. You and your photographer will have the opportunity to get to know each other and feel comfortable working together before the big day.

Try out these tricks to cultivate a gorgeous look for your engagement photos | Dia&Co

Where In The World…Do I Take My Engagement Photos?

Choosing a location and a theme for your engagement photoshoot will depend on two things: 1. your wedding style and 2. your couple style. Any wedding photographer who knows their stuff will ask about your vision from the first time you meet. They are there to make your dream engagement photos come to life. Get all of your big ideas out and they will help you scout the perfect location. 

 No matter the desired vibe, you can take a cue from your wedding style to create a theme for your engagement photos. If your wedding reception is more casual at a favorite local restaurant, consider capturing candid moments as your photographer follows you and your partner enjoying your favorite spots around town. 

Try out these tricks to cultivate a gorgeous look for your engagement photos | Dia&Co

  If you are still in the dreaming phase of wedding day planning and haven’t made up your mind, fear not! You have the freedom to make your engagement shoot whatever you want it to be. It’s about showcasing you and your love so consider recreating your first date or capturing you both doing your favorite hobby together. You can even invite the photographer to your home for an ultra-intimate shoot to capture you and your beloved in sweet private moments (actually, maybe these photos are just for your own pleasure)! It’s not uncommon for the photographer to spend several hours with the couple, so consider changing locations at least once if you have more than one scene you want to photograph.

And of course, don’t forget to get a great picture of your beautiful engagement ring!


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