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Though this time of year is often the hottest, not everyone feels comfortable showing off their arms to stay cool. That’s why, back in 2017, we launched #DiaARMy—a skin-baring revolution encouraging women everywhere to go sleeveless. Then, when 2018 rolled around, we took things to the next level by showing off our legs, backs, and tummies, too. Through every posted photo and hashtag use, we started building something much bigger—a community of women unafraid to shed layers and show skin as the temperatures rise. Together, we built the Dia Army.

plus size woman in white t shirt and denim shorts

As members of the Dia Army, we’re letting go of our body fears once and for all.

We’re prioritizing our own comfort and style over what society tells us is acceptable.

We’re showing off every stretch mark, every roll, and every dimple if we want to—because no one has the right to dictate what we should or shouldn’t cover up.

Whether you’re already a member or just dipping your toes into the movement for the first time, follow along for the next two weeks as we share stories of women who exemplify what the Dia Army is all about.


Capture the moment you let your body fears go with #DiaArmy!



Now that the Dia Army is in its third year, it’s bigger and better than ever. Stay tuned for two weeks of stories and photos that will make you love the skin you’re in even more.

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