2019 “Anti”-Resolutions

Team Dia&Co and the Dia Community share what they’re going to start doing in 2019.

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New years often bring with them chatter about stopping behavior or cutting things from our lives. Instead of limiting yourself, why not open up the possibility of all the amazing new things you can start doing in 2019? To get the wheels turning, we asked the team at Dia&Co and the Dia&Co National Community Facebook group to tell us how they’re planning on living their best lives now that 2019 is finally here.

The "Anti"-Resolutions

resolutions lindsay blank

“Sleep hygiene!!! My goal is to go to bed and wake up around the same time almost every day (when possible!).”

Lindsay B.
Dia Community

resolutions nix corporan lace cold shoulder top

“I’m going to start adding more water to my life for 2019—I don’t drink enough and I want to change that. I also am going to start including more self-care in my life!”

Nix C.
Team Dia&Co

resolutions velma lou blue hat

“I am going to focus on completing my projects even if I feel overwhelmed, bored, or anxious.”

Velma L.
Dia Community

resolutions randi north black t shirt leggings chambray

“As I head into 2019, I am adding time for self-care. Being able to take care of my mental and physical health in a way that embraces self-love and mindfulness is the only way to go. Letting go of what has been holding me back is the best addition I can make to my life this year!”

Randi N.
Team Dia&Co

resolutions brogan striped dress

“For 2019, I’m adding more intention to my life. I do a lot of things impulsively (making last-minute plans, buying things I don’t actually need) and this tends to make me not use my time as well as I’d like.”

Brogan D.
Team Dia&Co

resolutions debbi bachman floral dress

“I want to work on decluttering my home. I really do think that the external chaos drives most of my internal anxiety. I also want to focus on being as kind to myself as I am to others.”

Debbi B.
Dia Community

resolutions rachel williams

“I’m going to add monthly thrifting trips to my schedule to encourage greener living and more creative thinking! I’m also making sure to spend more time out of the apartment and I’m going back to school. I can’t wait to see all the change that 2019 has in store for me!”

Rachel W.
Team Dia&Co

resolutions marge hudson sequin jacket distressed denim

“This year, I’m putting mindfulness and meditation back up to the top of my list. I’ve also scheduled a mandatory 10-minute walk for each afternoon to give my mind a breath of fresh air. Mixing mental health with physical health is how I stay #fittothrive and ready for a new year!”

Marge H.
Team Dia&Co

resolutions kayin herkenhoff sequin dress

“To spend more time doing things that I’m not good at. I want to fall in love with the process rather than the results.”

Kayin H.
Team Dia&Co

resolutions aubry dodge

“Drink more water, stretch more often, and generally take better care of myself.”

Aubry D.
Dia Community

What are your “anti”-resolutions for the new year? Join the conversation in the Dia&Co National Community Facebook group!