Summer Survival Guide

Packing your bags for vacation? Here’s our roundup of everything you need for a summer getaway, from bo-po beach reads to the perfect swimsuit.

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As much fun as the summer season can be, the heat makes it a tricky time to navigate. There’s the joy of heading to the beach, but also the frustration of sweating from almost everywhere. There’s the luxurious feeling of taking a stroll in the near-perfect weather, but also the extreme discomfort of thigh chafing. We’ve got your backs—we’ve rounded up all of our summer picks into one handy guide with everything you need for a season well spent.

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1. A really great vacation read

Vacations are for relaxing, but sometimes all that relaxation can get a little boring. When you’re looking for something to entertain you on the beach, at the AirBnB, or on the plane to your destination, a great book is the best way to pass the time. We’ve put together a reading list of our favorites for the season.

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2. Chub-rub and boob-sweat prevention products

Painful chub rub happens to the best of us—and boob sweat is no picnic either. Luckily, there are a number of amazing products on the market to help protect against chub rub and prevent boob sweat.

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3. A swimsuit you feel amazing in

Do you know how to get a bikini body? That’s right—you put a bikini on your body. For those of us searching for a bikini or one-piece that makes us feel like stunners on the beach, there are many size-inclusive brands ready to step in and save the day. Here are just a few you can try this summer.


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4. Cute items you can easily pull on over your swimsuit

Some of us may live in swimsuits all summer long, but you never know where the day may take you. It’s important to have sundresses or separates on-hand to make the transition from sea to land seamless. Luckily, we’ve got shoppable collections for that very purpose.

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5. A summer skin-care regimen

Sun-soaked days and sweat-inducing weather can wreak havoc on your skin—that’s why it’s all the more important to have seasonal regimens for skin care. Whether you wear makeup all year long or like to go fresh-faced in the summer, make your skin happy with our Beauty Advisor Victoria Donelda’s tips.


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