We’re Thankful for YOU

6 Dia&Co team members on why we’re so grateful for all of the amazing women we style this Thanksgiving.

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Here at Dia&Co, our community is everything. So when Thanksgiving season rolls around each year, figuring out what we’re thankful for is a no-brainer—it’s getting the chance to connect with so many incredible women through style.

Read on to learn why our team members are so grateful to each and every one of you.

lisa warren thanksgiving moto jacket leggings

“I’m thankful for the ways that our community members share their stories and journeys with one another. In doing so, you’ve helped so many women (myself included) embrace who they are and feel less alone.”

Lisa, Dia Stylist


nix corporan thanksgiving kimono white t-shirt

“I’m so thankful for our community because your happiness and gratitude motivate me to keep doing a better job in supporting all aspects of your style journeys. As someone who battles with body image and has been a plus-size person literally all my life, it’s so heartwarming and encouraging to hear your self-love stories. I hope that one day I’ll be able to fully love and accept myself for who I am. There’s no better feeling than seeing our community come together and rally for the same cause.”

Nix, CX Associate

rachael williams thanksgiving scarf

“I’m thankful for the Dia Community because it’s always there when I need a reminder of why self-love is important. ‘Personal Stylist’ may sound like a silly job to some, but I get to see every day that we’re changing lives. We’re helping women rediscover their love of fashion, of dressing up, of themselves. We’re another voice reminding each other that we are worthy of love and excitement and joy. I’m beyond grateful to all of you for letting us be a part of your journeys.”

Rachel, Dia Stylist

sean pugerude thanksgiving white top red pants

“Probably one of my favorite moments this year was watching a Facebook Live that some women from the Dia&Co National Community Facebook group did from the girls’ trip they organized. It really clicked for me then how special it is that so many incredible women have come together through fashion. Highlighting our community is my favorite part of running Dia&Co’s social media!”

Sean, Social Content Specialist

marge hudson thanksgiving plaid scarf denim

“To the Dia Community: Thank you for your unconditional support. On good days and bad, you have my back and the backs of each other, and continue to lift, inspire, and empower me to be even better than I ever could’ve imagined. Thank you for showing me examples of strong women—may we be them and raise them!”

Marge, Culture & Onboarding Manager

lauren brake thanksgiving leopard print dress

“I’m thankful for the support and love that has centered our community this year, especially in our Facebook group! Seeing women build trust and bonds that have flourished into real-life friendships is magical. I’ve been so lucky to find these kinds of relationships with my co-workers, and now that our community can have this too, it feels like a full-circle moment. More girls supporting girls into 2019 and beyond!”

Lauren, Community Manager

alana milich thanksgiving floral maxi dress

“I’m thankful for our community because you all continue to build each other up when sometimes it can seem like so much is working against all of us in the plus community. You refuse to sit back and accept what the world has told us about our bodies and have decided that you’re worth more than that. Working at Dia&Co and with all of you never fails to inspire me to demand more of a world that has previously decided they weren’t going to make space for us.”

Alana, CX Associate Manager


For even more #GratitudeAttitude, check out the video we made last Thanksgiving featuring some of the stylish women in our community!