What’s Your Print Personality?

By Christine Yarde

How prints unlock your style personality.

Fall always signifies a new season, which means new fashion. That may be why it’s my favorite time of the year. The saturated colors and jewel tones! The textures! The layering and the prints! They all come out in autumn. This year, shopping for that fall wardrobe may be feeling a little different, as we have less socializing on our calendars, kids may or may not be back to school, and many of us are still working from home. 

On the flipside, there’s a new feeling in the air, a new way of life, and a desire to show up in the world differently. Getting dressed isn’t part of our daily routine anymore if you are like me, you’ve been wearing the same five things for days at a time. #Rinseandrepeat!  Now getting dressed to leave the house is an exercise in self-expression.

If you’re trying to hone in on what your new 2020 style feels like, prints can guide the way. Close your eyes for a second, think about your favorite pieces in your wardrobe. What colors and prints stand out? What do they say about you, what do you want to say now? Whether you are a feminine floral lover or you like to push the boundaries with animal print, this fall is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and your style.

Polka Dots

It’s no surprise that polka dots appeal to the playful nature in us all. It is a classic print that commands attention. The happy-go-lucky polka dot wearer is a pro at not taking life too seriously even when she’s turning heads. A bold polka dot blouse is an instant pick-me-up in any wardrobe. 


Stability and plaid go hand in hand. The history of plaid is rich and diverse—it’s traced back to thousands of years across many continents to Scotland in the 1700’s where plaids were a symbol of pride and unity. When you wear plaid, you are saying your style has the chops to stand the test of time. Plaid in the fall is an essential for the true “traditionalist”.


Gone are the days when florals were just for the spring. They have completely taken on a life of their own and for good reason. Florals say idealism and optimism, promising brighter, blossoming days ahead. They awaken our spirit of romance and I don’t know about you, but more romance is always welcome here.

Tye Dyes 

The magic of tie-dye is that no two prints are ever the same. Wearing tie-dye lets the world know that you are not afraid to chart your own course and go your own way. If the freedom to make your life (and wardrobe) up as you go along is what gets you out of bed in the morning,  then make tie-dye your signature print.

Animal Print

From snakeskin to leopard, animal prints made a huge resurgence a few seasons ago and are clearly here to stay. I mean, who are we fooling, animal prints will never go out of style. They speak to fearlessness, determination and can be dressed up or down so they are ultra-versatile. Animal print is for the go-getter at the heart of every woman.

Christine Yarde

Dia Stylist