Have a Cute Mask At-The-Ready

Picture this: you’re at the resort, hanging poolside. It’s lunchtime and you get the itch to go visit that cute restaurant down the way. After you get ready and head out, you stop at the door and realize, ugh, you forgot your mask! While not all indoor establishments are asking for patrons to wear masks, being prepared will save a lot of time and possible frustration. Disposable masks are an easy solution, and you may have a handful you can pack from home. But, if you prefer to be more fashionable and eco-friendly, check out Dia&Co’s printed plus-size face masks. These three-packs are easy to coordinate with your outfits. All proceeds from the sale of Dia&Co masks will be donated to Feeding America, too.

Pack The Feminine Stuff

Let’s face it, public restrooms can be the worst and finding what you need is never guaranteed. If you’re expecting long days of travel and might get interrupted by your flow, consider wearing or bringing Thinx period underwear with you. Travel can be stressful enough, TBH! Wearing a pair of Thinx can help ease your mind a bit, ensuring you’re always ready for anything. And, if you’re looking to stay fresh, The Honey Pot Co. is a plant-based female-owned and operated feminine care brand that offers tons of options to stay comfortable during your trip. For a quick refresher, stock up on their natural cleansing wipes and the refreshing panty spray—an essential for staying cool and confident no matter how hot it gets.

Keep it Clean

No shade to anyone who’s stopped carrying hand sanitizer all day, every day. But during travel, it’s definitely an essential. While grabbing yourself one of Megababe’s famous chafing sticks to help ward off any chub rub, consider throwing their latest hand sanitizer in your cart, too. This Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer can be purchased in 2 oz. travel sizes or a large 16 oz. pump bottle. An alcohol-based, vegan formula smells like bergamot and orange, moisturizes and keeps hands soft and sanitized? We’re in.

Stock Up on Dresses for Days

While traveling you’re gonna need several cute dresses for days out shopping, enjoying museums and all those nights out on the town. If you want styles in a one-and-done box, Dia&Co. just released Seasonal Style Boxes. A stylist hand-picks a collection of dresses or night-out looks just for you, depending on the themed box you choose. It’s a one-click shopping solution and, with our free returns and exchanges, you can be sure we’ll get your Spring Break look on-point. And if you’re short on time, our Shop is always open for you to find the plus-size dresses of your dreams. We recommend getting a mix of light and breezy styles (think: boho chic maxi dresses) and short and flirty numbers (like fit-and-flare party dresses) to round out your vacay look.

Pack A Swimsuit (or Two)

Along with all the dreamy dresses you’ve got packed, your main essential for any Spring Break getaway is usually your go-to bathing suit. Instead of dreading that new swimsuit search, there have been several emerging swimsuit brands with incredible designs that have us swooning this year. Andie Swim, one of our many woman-owned brands, offers great, long-lasting classic swimsuits in sizes 14-30. And if you’re looking for unexpected cute numbers with cropped tops, mesh peek-a-boo styling and swappable bikini tops and bottoms, check out these plus-size swimsuits by Nomads Swimwear. Their design details are not just for decoration, either—their power mesh is super supportive in addition to being super cute. Along with your suits, pack reef-safe sunscreen (we love this one from Raw Love) and a good cover-up or versatile kimono to keep those rays at bay.

Stay Well On-The-Go

Keeping your immune system strong and healthy while you travel has never been more important. Traveling disrupts the body’s natural rhythms which can be hard on the immune system. For a fast-acting immune boost, try Hilma’s Immune Support. This women- owned-and-operated wellness brand uses natural remedies backed by science. Their daily  supplement is lemon-ginger flavored and tastes great cold or hot. Customers love it because the ingredients are simple and the results are reliable. Go for the travel size starter trio, which includes immune support pouches, tension relief and upset stomach relief capsules. It’s like a mini medicine cabinet for your purse. 

Now that you’ve got your list, all that’s left is the travel prep. Have fun, be safe and enjoy every minute! Bon voyage. ❤️