The Savvy Traveler Checklist

Mask On 

Leaving home without your mask is like forgetting your house keys on the kitchen counter after you’ve closed the front door—truly inconvenient! Places across the country are requesting that patrons wear a mask upon entry and being prepared will save a lot of time and possible frustration. Disposable masks are an easy solution that are becoming more widely available. But, if you prefer to be more fashionable, check out Dia&Co’s printed face masks. These three-packs are plus-size friendly and easy to coordinate with your outfits. All proceeds from the sale of Dia&Co masks will be donated to Feeding America. 


Safety First

Across the country, stores and businesses are adding sanitizing stations to help keep employees and shoppers safe. But, don’t count on it everywhere—instead of getting stuck with grimy hands, travel with a personal supply to stay safe. We love Megababe for their famous chafing stick that saves us all from chub rub and now they’ve got hand sanitizer. This Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer can be purchased on their website in 2 oz. travel sizes or a large 16 oz. pump bottle. An alcohol-based, vegan formula smells like bergamot and orange, moisturizes and keeps hands soft and sanitized. We’re in.

 For Lady Stuff 

Let’s face it, public restrooms are not a girl’s best friend and finding what you need is not guaranteed. The Honey Pot Co. is a plant-based female-owned and operated feminine care brand that offers tons of options to stay fresh and comfortable during the trip. For a quick refresher, stock up on their natural cleansing wipes and the refreshing panty spray—an essential for staying cool and confident no matter how hot it gets.

Be Well 

Keeping your immune system strong and healthy while you travel has never been more important. Traveling disrupts the body’s natural rhythms which can be hard on the immune system. For a fast-acting immune boost, try Hilma’s Immune Support. This women- owned-and-operated wellness brand uses natural remedies backed by science. Their daily  supplement is lemon-ginger flavored and tastes great cold or hot. Customers love it because the ingredients are simple and the results are reliable. Go for the travel size starter trio, which includes immune support pouches, tension relief and upset stomach relief capsules. It’s like a mini medicine cabinet for your purse. 


Now that all of the essentials are checked off your list, there’s more time to focus on fun and exploration! Throw your bags into the back seat and make summer 2020 one to remember.


From deciding where to get away to securing your lodging, travel prep is it’s own journey. And packing is usually left to the very last minute. As we continue to adjust to the new normal, deciding what to bring has taken on a life of its own giving new meaning to the term “travel essentials.” Everything from chafing cream, to disinfectant spray is on the packing list now, and forgetting something is practically inevitable. To make prep easy breezy, here’s the items you can’t  leave home without!

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