Get to Know the First Class

Introducing the first class of Dia Dominos—leaders here to share, support, and help our community shine.

In summer 2018, we launched the Dia Domino program to celebrate and elevate our amazing community members. The Dia Dominos are here to support and inspire anyone on their style journeys. They start conversations, answer questions, and give their honest feedback about their Dia&Co experiences. Here are the incredible community members who applied to join our first class of Dia Dominos!

The First Class

Hillary G., NY

Tanya C., FL

Meagan P., TX

Natorra M., GA

Nellie H., CA

Deborah G., TX

Becky U., AZ

Linda B., KY

Jana J., SC

Michele H., WA

Terri S., MI

Julie M., PA

Debbi B., IL

Megan D., FL

Crystal P., NY

Kathy P., CA

Christy F., OH

Danielle Y., IL

Jess H., TX

Betty K., OH

Kate P., MN

Nikki W., GA

Stephenie B., NC

Tia G., WI

Courtney C., IN

Haley G., NC

Diane K., CO

Natalie H., CA

Laura M., WI

Michelle P., PA

Laurin W., GA

Erin H., MT

Dana B., MI

Kharia H., MD

Deborah T., NY

Iris P., AL

plus-size style evolution pink floral kimono

Kathy P., CA

Jackie S., KY

Regina W., NC

Jessie F., VT

Francie C., WI

Jennifer S., VA

Brittany D., FL

Lynn J., AL

Kelli S., KS

Lisa H., TX

Danielle F., MD

Jaci Z., GA

Nikki P., MA

Eileen S., NY

Kim B., CA

Chrislyn B., NV

LaTara B., OK

plus-size style evolution black cold shoulder top

Chris P., FL

Angela C., NC

Emily F., OH

Erin B., WI

Jessica S., TX

Hayden H., WI

Egan G., MD

Echo S., GA

Tracy M., AZ

Brittany K., NY

Laura S., NC

Sandi K., WI

Merrilee D., NY

Aubrie P., WI

Betsy C., TX

Sue B., OR

Keri M., IL

Mikal S., IL

Tressa P., LA

Kirstin M., TX

Jennifer C., VA

DeShantel O., PA

Andrea D., MO

Kari C., FL


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