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Alyssa Lowe

Michelle, 35, Houston, Texas


I’ve been searching for the perfect black pants for the last 5 years. Something comfortable that keeps its shape and isn’t denim. Any suggestions?


Hi Michelle! Finding the perfect black pants is a struggle I think we’ve all been through, but don’t fret – there are lots of options out there to suit your needs! To balance comfort and structure, you’ll want to focus on finding a fabrication that works best for you. Check out a few of these examples!

The paperbag style pant is an effortless option for a casual workday that easily transitions to weekends. With a high linen content in these pants, they’ll be lightweight enough for the Houston humidity. Although linen can wrinkle easily, these are created from a linen / rayon blend that’s common in hot-weather wear and resists creases so you can keep a comfy and polished look, all day long. 


Another excellent option is our Rafaella trousers – a personal fave in my own workday wardrobe. Don’t fear the polyester in the pants, it’s blended with rayon and nylon so it will keep its shape, wick moisture, and remain perfectly professional.


Pro Tip: Linen/rayon blends resist creases so you can keep a comfy polished look all day long.

Celine, 20, Long Island, New York


So, I’m going back on campus for the first time in like a year. I want to stunt on my classmates with my new look. But, my body has changed so much I’m not sure what to wear, please help! 



Hi there Celine! Congratulations on heading back to school and pursuing your education! With a few staple styles to mix and match you’ll be able to stunt on all your classmates with trendy ensembles that are almost as beautiful as you. Check out these options!

Embrace the fall weather with this gorgeous orange blouse for a head turning hue that’s oh-so comfy. It’s also super versatile to wear with denim, leggings, lounge wear, or even dress it up with slacks or a skirt!


Slip into these vegan leather leggings for a chic style on any occasion. Paired with the orange blouse and booties you can easily go from the classroom to date night. For a more polished outfit, add an oversized sweater to the leggings. Or try an edgy vibe with a distressed graphic tee and tennies. All the ways you can wear these leggings make them an A+ option in your closet.

Pro Tip: A staple denim jacket is a must-have piece for mixing and matching this fall.

You can layer any of the leather legging looks with this wardrobe staple denim jacket when the cooler temps arrive. It’s an item we all should have in our closets and is great for mixing and matching. 

Try the jacket with this fierce printed dress to show off your curves when out on the town with friends and opt for a trendy vibe by completing the look with combat boots and gold jewelry.


Find more great options for all of your style needs at 

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