How Dia&Co Helped Cailey Define Her Edgy Style

Makeup artist and influencer Cailey Darling shows how she uses the items from her Dia Style Box to create alternative, punk, and goth looks.

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I’m Cailey and I love alternative, punk, and goth fashion. While ordering a Style Box from Dia&Co might seem like a risky way for me to find styles that fit my specific aesthetic since I’m not the one doing the shopping, I’ve had great success with Dia&Co styling me. I constantly get asked by my followers if Dia&Co has helped me find alternative fashion and I always have the same answer for them—”Absolutely!” Not only does Dia&Co meet my needs as a size 28, but they have helped me navigate and solidify my personal style.

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Finding items for my size has always been tricky. In grade school, I quickly sized out of the children’s department and by the time I turned 13, the junior’s section was out of the question for me. Growing up in the 90s as a plus-size child and teen was not fun and not easy. The plus-size options that have arisen in the last decade would make the kid in me overwhelmingly happy. It makes adult me overwhelmingly happy! Due to the lack of clothing options growing up, I really hadn’t developed my own personal style besides wearing jeans and hoodies everywhere. 103 degrees in the blazing hot sun? Long-sleeved hoodie, jeans, and a pair of Chuck Taylors for me. Four inches of snow and 17 degrees? Hoodie, jeans, Chucks. When I got my first adult job in the healthcare field, I had very narrow options when it came to business wear for plus-size women. Truth be told, I didn’t really have weekend wear either. I wore the same clothing on the weekends as I did to work: ill-fitting slacks from Lane Bryant, and whatever clearance maternity wear I could find at Target. The only difference on the weekends was that sometimes I’d swap out the three-inches-too-short slacks for a pair of jeans I could barely button.

Not long into my career in the healthcare field, I became ill. Within a year, I had resigned from my position, received a diagnosis of Acute Macular Neuroretinopathy, and filed for disability. Visual disturbances and migraines from my eye condition made me completely unable to work. I also discovered there was no cure or treatment for my illness and that I would likely be disabled for life. It was the most difficult time in my life, but I found a silver lining. The day I had to leave my job, I asked my mom to help me bleach and color my hair a vibrant purple. That tiny act of self-expression opened up a world of freedom I had never imagined for myself.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wear the same, fun clothes like the other kids. When I was working an office job with a dress code, I couldn’t wear fun clothing with loud colors, and I certainly couldn’t have purple hair. That change in hair color inspired a shift in personal expression for me. All of a sudden, I needed fun clothes to match my fun hair! Plus-size clothing options were popping up left and right and out of nowhere, I had a sea of options that I had never been able to shop before. Yet, I still ran into issues when trying to curate my new style. I wear a size 28 which just so happens to be two sizes larger than the largest size available at all of the plus-size clothing shops in my town. My only options were Lane Bryant and Walmart. I wasn’t able to find all of what I was looking for at those two stores, but still, I tried my best to piece together a wardrobe that felt more like me.

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This is when I discovered Dia&Co. This service has been monumental in helping to navigate my personal style. I took the style survey and left a lot of my responses pretty open-ended. I wasn’t too specific about what I wanted, but I was clear about what I didn’t want. My stylist, Ashby, combed through photos of me on my Instagram page to help curate the best box for me.

Some of my favorite alternative wardrobe staples came in my Dia Style Boxes. Every alternative wardrobe needs a great pair of skinny jeans. Dia&Co has me covered with distressed denim, grey moto skinnies, and my quintessential black skinny jeans with ripped knees. My favorite pencil skirt in black? Arrived in a Dia Style Box. My first faux fur? My favorite goth-red dresses? All from Dia&Co. The most comfortable denim jacket that I use as a canvas to cover with my favorite pins? You guessed it, it came from Dia&Co, too! Dia&Co has covered all of my basics including the softest sweaters and cute tees with a bit of flair. I love mixing my Dia&Co pieces with my own wardrobe for the perfect funky fit!

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There are lots of ways that I like to transform my clothing to make it feel more like me—alternative and full of expression. I love to use my bold hair color and playful hairstyles to add a little sass to an outfit that might otherwise not read as alternative. I also love layering fishnets under a dress, shorts, or even peeking out of distressed denim to pull together a look and give it the edge that makes it me. Outerwear plays a big role in the vibe of the overall outfit. I’ve discovered that changing from a pullover sweater to a bomber jacket or adding in a pair of unique jeans is all I need to bring that outfit to a new level of edge. Adding accessories like a chunky waist belt or a funky clutch can be a really easy way to take workwear into your casual weekend rotation. In the cooler months, I love to do some unexpected layering to transform a more formal item into a comfy and casual look.

Whatever your style, Dia&Co has the right look for you. The service has been a savior for me. I love being able to try things on and feel the quality and fit before committing to purchase it. My stylist has been diligent in finding styles that not only fit my body but that fit my look and personality. With Dia&Co’s help, I’ve been able to build my dream alternative wardrobe for any time of year. My stylist has been a fantastic guide to help plus-size women navigate all of the new and trendy options and brands that are finally serving our sizes. Thanks to Dia&Co, I am no longer only able to try on items from the only two stores that carry my size in my town.

Cailey Darling

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