What’s My Style? A Guide to Plus Size Casual Outfits

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Casual style can be difficult to define because we all dress down from time to time. Even the most glamorous among us have casual outfits in their wardrobes. But when it comes to defining your own personal style, it’s important to know what you wear most often. If you rock heels each day but the occasional joggers and tee on the weekend, you’re probably not a casual girl. However, if the clothes you see here are about as dressed up as you get, casual style is right up your alley!

Here’s an example of a Dia Style Box featuring casual summer pieces.

Plus size subscription box from Dia&Co featuring casual styles including an orange top, floral dress, blue tank top, denim shorts, and a crossbody bag.


To help you get a feel for what casual style is, here are some good rules of thumb.

You’re probably not a casual dresser if:

  • Your friends tell you that you’re the fanciest of the crew.
  • Mixing patterns and layering on accessories isn’t really your thing.
  • You’d feel uncomfortable wearing jeans every day.
  • Flats and sneakers are at a minimum in your closet.


You probably are a casual dresser if:

  • You value simplicity and comfort over all else.
  • Statement pieces aren’t something you care for—you very much prefer versatile styles.
  • You generally wear knit (a.k.a. stretchy!) styles and not woven.
  • Jewelry and accessories aren’t important elements to your outfits.


Just because you love comfy and fuss-free clothing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with fashion! Here are some put-together plus size casual outfits to inspire you when you’re getting ready in the morning.


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Defining your personal style can be tricky, but we’re here to help you find plus size casual wear that perfectly encompasses you. Learn our tips for building a wardrobe full of easy-to-wear plus size casual outfits to see if this style is right for you!

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