Comfort & Ease: The New Office Dress Code

Comfort & Ease: The New Office Dress Code

Because after a year in the comfort of our own homes, no one wants to go back to pinching waistbands and binding seams.

Christine Yarde

Whether you’re getting back into the office after a year of working from home or you’re looking for a style refresh, now is the time to update your work wardrobe. With workplaces adapting hybrid schedules and more people working from home, there is a new office dress code and it’s called comfort. And it looks like work-leisure is here to stay. But what do you do if your workplace still calls for a more traditional dress code, or if you’re not sure how to incorporate more comfort into your look while keeping it professional? Here are some easy style tips to help you transition the newfound freedom of comfort into stunning office style.

Versatility Is Key

Creating a work wardrobe that is comfortable and easy to wear starts with a strong foundation—versatility. Buying pieces that can easily transition from couch hangs to more polished moments and across seasons is a must for styling ease. A semi-structured dress with clean lines and minimal bells and whistles like the Aditi dress is a work wardrobe staple. During the hotter months, style it with block-heeled sandals and keep a plus-size denim jacket or lightweight cardigan at your desk for the air conditioner. If the occasion calls for you to look more polished, add pumps or pointed-toe flats with classic plus-size blazers. A dress like this will take you straight through into fall and winter with a long \cardigan and wide-calf knee high boots.


"What do you do if your workplace still calls for a more traditional dress code, or if you're not sure how to incorporate more comfort into your look while keeping it professional?"

Knit Fabrics

Soft, buttery, cozy fabrics are perfect for recreating the comfort of working from home while you are back in the office. When your skirt feels just as comfortable as your sweatpants, you know you’re doing something right! Pieces like the Soho plus-size pencil skirt from M.M. La Fleur offers comfort and style. The Soho skirt has a relaxed construction that won’t pinch or bind and the ruching provides coverage if you don’t feel like wearing plus-size shapewear. Plus, it’s made with 5% elastane which means it will stretch just as much as your favorite leggings. Pair it with a flowy blouse like the Antonella Sleeveless Blouse and you are good to go.

Keep It Simple

Keeping things simple is the best way to make a smooth transition back into getting dressed everyday. If your workplace requires a more professional look this might mean making homebase a classic black or navy plus-size pant and a blazer or elevated cardigan. If your office dress code is casual, start with a pair of black jeans. The best part is that straight-leg and wide-leg cuts are on trend, (but we will forever and always love the skinny jean) So if you weren’t feeling plus-size skinny jeans before, now is your time to shine. No matter what style of bottom you prefer, all your tops will work with this simple color palette giving you time to get more playful with your fashion as you ease back into the groove. 

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