Everything You Want To Know About Undies

Everything You Want To Know About Undies

Panties, underwear, drawers, no matter what you call them, we’re all wearing them and we’re all looking for the perfect fit.

Stacy Davis

Raise your hand if you are tired of underwear that bunches, pinches and cuts off the circulation to your cheeks (not the ones on your face). Ok great, it’s not just me. Plus-size underwear are a major part of our everyday lives, but for some reason it still feels taboo to talk honestly about what it’s like to wear them. Ill-fitting underwear is a thorn in the side of every great outfit. But how do you choose the right style of cute plus-size panties that fit well? We’ve partnered with ThirdLove to bring you an assortment of panties that are built with your comfort and security in mind. Let’s start with finding your size. 


As a curvy woman, being comfortable in your panties starts with the right size. Two basic measurements rule underwear fit: the natural waist and the fullest part of your hip. Your natural waist is about 3 inches above your belly button. Pro Tip: hold your hands above your head and lean to the side, that indent is your natural waist. The fullest part of your hips is anywhere from 6 to 9 inches below that depending on your height. Use this info to follow the size chart of any inclusive sizing intimates brand like ThirdLove to find your size. If you find yourself between sizes, it’s best to size up. The waistband and crotch of your panties should lay flat against your skin. Now let’s break down the styles.

1. The Bikini

Bikini-cut panties offer medium back coverage with slimmer sides, not unlike classic swimsuit bottoms. They are great for women with a smaller waist-to-hip ratio or for people who want less coverage in the back. Typically they fall right below the belly button for a mid-rise fit. The smaller sides can roll down if the fit isn’t just right, so when in doubt, size up. Wear them under mid-rise  jeans, pants and skirts. Try ThirdLove’s Comfort Stretch Cotton Bikinis for a seamless fit.

2. The Thong

Thongs are the textbook go-to for avoiding panty lines in plus-size body-con dresses and other figure-hugging styles. They provide very minimal coverage and often have a thinner waistband. But, a thong that is too tight can cut off circulation to your cheeks. And if it doesn’t lay flat on the crotch it can become a thong in the front and the back—ouch! ThirdLove’s Pima Cotton Thong has the luxurious feel of pima cotton and a no fuss fit that might make you forget you are even wearing one.

3. The Hipster

Hipsters offer wider sides and fuller coverage just shy of the all-around coverage of an old school brief. They fit a couple of inches below the waist sitting directly on the hip with low cut leg holes that have the potential to dig in at the top of the thigh. It’s important to size up if you have fuller legs from the top of the thigh through the calf. Like the ThirdLoves Pima Cotton Thong, the hipster offers the luxurious feel of the pima cotton to alleviate the digging in of the low cut leg holes.

ThidLove plus size lace back cheeky panty on Dia & Co

4. The Cheeky Panty 

Cheeky Panties are similar to bikinis but they offer slightly less back coverage hence the name “cheeky.”  This style is playful, fun and easy to wear with the construction providing a lot of room at the leg opening. When made with a lightweight material like lace, they also eliminate pantylines. ThirdLove’s Lace Back Cheeky panties feature a sheer floral lace back, and a solid paneled front made from smooth microfiber. Just the right combination of sexy and functional.

Now that you have all the deets, check out dia.com to shop these styles and more.

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