Spring Dresses for Every Zodiac Sign

Whether you’re a sensitive Cancer or a fiery Leo, express your personality with a spring dress that exemplifies your horoscope.

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What’s your sign? Are you a fire sign? A water sign? No matter what astrological sign you have, be sure to wear a dress that reflects your personality this spring. We rounded up 12 of our favorite dresses to fit each zodiac sign. See which one is yours!

red and pink jumpsuit


As the zodiac’s first sign, we can always rely on you, dear Aries, to put yourself out there and be the go-getting pioneer that you’re known to be. You’re the fire sign that likes to get things done, so a bold red jumpsuit is the perfect piece to wear on-the-go as you take on the world head first.

Aries—get ready to showcase your confidence and turn heads in an eye-catching printed jumpsuit that will never slow you down!

olive green dress


You love being in your comfort zone, surrounded by the finer things in life. This safe hue of olive green is ideal for this earth sign, while the pockets keep your snacks, fancy lip balm, and other little luxuries close by.

This dress works well for any season when paired with the right accessories and layers, making it as reliable as you are, steady Taurus!

floral maxi dress


Inside every Gemini are at least two personalities. Featuring a print that’s mirrored on both sides, making it reminiscent of twins, this dress is as versatile as you need it to be, Gemini girl!

As an adventure lover, a day in your life might require an outfit that takes you to brunch and an outdoor concert immediately following, and this airy maxi dress can work for just about any event on your calendar this spring!

Floral black and blue fit and flare dress


You, gentle Libra, can smooth talk your way through just about anything! To go with your pretty face is this flirty dress. Instead of wearing a blindfold and carrying a sword like Lady Justice, your always fair self should accessorize with bold sunglasses and an edgy studded bag in hand to balance out this sweet dress with just the right amount of edge.

black fit and flare dress


This black dress is perfect for you, Scorpio, as you’re unafraid to get deep or think about the darker side of things. You can take on the intensity of any situation in a black dress that makes you feel like the powerful sign you are!

While no one else will be able to gauge a Scorpio’s true personality in an LBD, you’ll easily catch every little detail of everyone else’s look and keep your secret thoughts to herself.

green striped dress


A cheerful dress is in order for you, optimistic Sagittarius! This happy hue of light green and tiered skirt match your playful energy and larger-than-life personality. That big trip on your calendar, where you’re traveling to a wide open space, requires a dress that can go just about anywhere.

Always multitasking, you need a dress that will work for any adventure and this dress will be great thrown over your swimsuit or on a road trip.

blue fit and flare dress


A flowy, light blue dress is ideal for this water sign. Perfect for spending a lovely spring day on the back porch hosting a few friends, this makes for a great hostess-with-the-mostest ensemble as you’re known to always be offering bites and beverages.

Your sensitive nature makes you a fantastic caretaker, so don this soft and flowy number as you water the plants and tend to the loved ones in your life.

red floral maxi dress


A bold red maxi dress with twirl appeal is the ultimate dress for you, vibrant Leo. This dress is sure to turn heads and result in lots of compliments, which you thrive on.

Whether you’re hitting the dance floor or just out to brunch with friends, you’ll be the best dressed in this printed number and the spotlight is sure to follow you.

floral maxi dress


A long boho maxi dress with small floral details is perfect for this detail-oriented earth sign. While you aren’t one to miss little touches like a cascading floral print, you also can benefit from some time chilling out in nature.

So throw on this bohemian maxi to sit on the bench by the lake to decompress—if you can make time for yourself after always helping out your friends and family.

grid print dress


With Capricorns being lovers of tradition and rules, this geometric printed fit-and-flare is the quintessential Capricorn dress. Natural and abstract prints don’t appeal to you quite as much as this grid print does with its perfect 90-degree corners.

Fashionable color palettes may change from season to season and year after year, but a classic black-and-white combo is tried and true which is exactly how you like it, practical Capricorn.

star print dress


To go with their eccentric originality, this star-printed dress is the ultimate Aquarius uniform. You’re known to be a bit out-of-this-world, making this celestial print very appropriate.

This dress is sure to be a hit amongst your many friends, and may even result in a thought-provoking philosophic conversation which just so happens to be your specialty.

kaleidoscope dress


This kaleidoscope print dress is perfect for you, creative Pisces. The artsy print will resonate with you, and you just might find it to be a bit mesmerizing.

Accessorize the look with a tote bag that can fit a notebook so you can jot down thoughts or poetry when the mood strikes you. Because Pisces rules the feet, be sure to complete this outfit with a pair of shoes you can dance in!






What’s your sign? Do you feel like your sign fits your personality well? Let us know on social, and be sure to ask your Dia Stylist for the right dress for your personality!