The Long and Short
of Wearing Plus Size Shorts

Because every pair of legs is worthy of seeing some sunshine this summer.

When it’s hot outside, we’ll go to any length to stay cool. But when it comes to women’s plus size shorts or plus size capris? Some lengths might work better for you than others.

Finding the right inseam for your body means fuss-free comfort. No riding up, no chafing—just smooth sailing all summer long.

So store last season’s pants and let our guide help you discover which length is perfect for you.

Short Shorts

There’s no denying that these shorts will keep you the coolest. If you love showing off your legs, this is the length for you! Shorts in the 5″-6″ range typically hit at the upper section of your thigh—they’re not too short, but just right.

Short Length (5"-6")

Plus size light wash denim shorts | Dia&Co

These plus size denim shorts in a light wash are perfect for summer.

Plus size dark wash denim shorts | Dia&Co

The cuffs on these plus size denim shorts give you wiggle room to find the best length.


Love the look of women’s plus size shorts but prefer something a bit longer? Bermudas are the perfect compromise. Shorts in the 11″-12″ range will hit just above the knee. You’ll get the cooling benefits of a short, plus the coverage you’re looking for.

Bermuda (11"-12")

Plus size coral bermuda shorts | Dia&Co

The split hem in these plus size bermuda shorts gives the perfect stretch for any angle.

Plus size teal bermuda shorts | Dia&Co

Hit the beach and stay perfectly on-brand with these plus size bermuda shorts in teal.


Pants meet plus size shorts in this retro-inspired style. Just like with jeans, no capri is exactly the same—there are different silhouettes, lengths, and fabrics. They’ll typically sit in the 19″-22″ range and hit the middle of your calf.

Capris (19"-22")

Plus size denim capris | Dia&Co

Get the best of both worlds with plus size cropped jeans in a light, summer-friendly wash.

Plus size printed capris | Dia&Co

These plus size capris in a chic pattern bring out the best in summer style.


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